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F3 MeCa | October 16, 2019

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Ringing in December with the ShelterCurb 15 KB workout

  • When: 12/01/2017
  • QIC: Helga
  • The PAX: Clueless, TeenSpirit, Helga

3 mighty men of Harrisburg decided to ring in December with a KB beatdown. YHC modified a KB workout from a year ago. Nicknamed the new workout the “ShelterCurb 15”. Here’s how it went:


Mosey to the far parking lot


SSH x20

Imperial Stormtrooper x15

Don Quixotes x15 (windmill leg kick – alternating)

Mountain climber x15 (each leg)

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey back

The Thang   — ShelterCurb 15

 Start at the picnic shelter

Around the World x10 x12 X8 and Reverse Worlds x10 x12 x8

KB Swings x10 x12 x8

Step-up on picnic bench (each leg) x10 x12 x8

Eye of the Tigers  x 5 X7 X 5

Chest press (each arm) x10 x 12 x8

Skull crushers x 10 x 12 x8

Goblet squat x 10 x 12 x8

Crush curls x10 x12 x8

High rows x 10 x 12 x8

Farmer Carry to the Curbs

Travel from/to curbs in the parking lot – Bottoms Up Bells switch hands on the way back

Dutch Cucumbers (L/R)  &  Sumo squats x 10 x 12

KB Curb lifts  &  Lawn Mowers  (L/R)  x 10 x 12

KB Dead lift  & Outhouse Curls  x 10 x 12


KB Low Flutter – x15

KB LBCs – x 15

KB Low Dolly  – x15



  1. Thank you @Clueless and @TeenSpirit for showing up this morning. Appreciated the #mumblechatter and the #strongeffort!
  2. Christmas party at the Church of God Children’s Home on 12/15 — more info here.
  3. Double down tomorrow (Sat., Dec. 2) with the Railyard and then the Jingle Bull Run 5k starts at 9am at Hickory Ridge High School. Register here.
  4. See @Gamma or @Kojak for the GoRuck Tough Challenge in March.
  5. Always an honor to lead!
  • On December 1, 2017


  1. Clueless

    Way to revive KB’s in style @Helga! That was an outstanding workout!

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