100% of 60% Pain

14 men gathered in the gloom for a magnificent beat down out at The Ridge.  As Dick Tracy says: “When YHC Q’s he beats the living crap out of us…”  Well this morning it was pretty accurate.  The workout went a little like this:


  • Mosey over to the teacher parking lot for basketball weaving through the parking lot lines
  • Circle up at the end for:
    • SSH x20
    • The Windmill X 10
    • Merkins x 10
    • Burpies x10 OYO

The Thang:

  • Mosey over to the main entrance of the Middle school
  • Ascending Curb Crawl- Start in Bear Crawl position, BC to the other side of the curb, 1 Derkin. BC back to the other side 2 Derkins.  Repeat all the way up to 13 Derkins
  • 20 dips
    • Mosey over to the downward ramp
  • Backwards lung al the way down
  • At the bottom 10 Burpies OYO
  • BC back up the ramp and plank once done
    • Split up into two groups for indian run back to the high school
  • Circle up in the field for Jack Webbs (1 merkin for every 2 overhead press) x10
    • Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary


  • Reverse Crunch x20
  • 100% Crunchy Frog x15
  • J-Lo x 15 (BULL)

Sweaty Moleskin:

  • That sucked even by YHC standards.  Don’t worry @Gridiron, not all workouts are this crazy.
  • Great push by everyone this morning and thanks to @Clueless for taking the lead while YHC picked up the 6.
  • Strong work by @DickTracy on the Indian run.
  • #RoadWarrior @ Abington pool and #WarriorOne @ Harrisburg sports junction tomorrow
  • Thanks for putting up with me this morning @Pax and allowing me to lead!

4 thoughts on “100% of 60% Pain

  1. Clueless

    60% of the time, it works every time. Nice lead @TheMagnificent! Just what the BRR’ers needed to combat soccer/cyclist arms with all the running they’ve been doing.

    BTW – the first indian run line can thank @Bull for the 20 extra Mericans… I just agreed that they would be a nice addition. Who knew #JackWebb was in line next?

    1. Dick Tracy

      I’m starting to see a trend of Clueless asking for #extracredit. Maybe we’ve found The Ridge’s new #overachiever?

  2. Dick Tracy

    I wasn’t feeling great this morning, but glad I came out. Abnormally slow, and candidly, fighting through the #gloom. Thanks for making it worth posting.

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