The QuadruplePeak and the Nipple Strummer

16 pax hurdled the #fartsack on their way to #TheCruise for a totally new route.  That’s a lie.  We did the same route we did last week….and the week before that….and the week before that.  Hey, it’s BRR season.  You don’t like it?  Join the other 31 men on our BRR team which will instantly change your perspective.

The Thang:

  1. Millstream Repeats of course.
  2. Group 1 was Shazam who I assume ran from his house and got to Millstream first.
  3. Group 2 was Filibuster, Ironhide, and Bootstrap who left HCES @ 5:15.
  4. Group 3 was YHC who meant to leave HCES at 5:15 but ended up more like at 5:20….
  5. Group 4 was everyone else.
  6. Some ran the #DoublePeak, some ran the #TriplePeak, and a couple ran the #QuadruplePeak.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Noticeably darker during our runs at this point in the summer.  Getting back to my memory of MSR’s which is a firefly swarm of blinky lights all over that hill.
  2. It was awesome to have to #MSR FNG’s out there with us today.  Congrats to @Hugo & @Loco for their first attempts.  Both are BRR team members with @Hugo one of our uber important drivers and Loco as a runner.
  3. What used to be the standard (#TriplePeak) is now old news.  If you aint throwing down a #QuadruplePeak then what are you doing?  Someone should create a Strava segment for that.  Oh look…there is one.  How …totally….surprising….
  4. T-claps to our non-BRR runners and self proclaimed non-runners in general for attempting 1, 2, or 3 trips up and down that monster.  Every other person who runs in the Creek avoids that place like the plague.  You go there on purpose.  Studs.
  5. Other things heard post-COT ….  Filibuster is making big progress on this years laminated weinke cue cards for our BRR runners.  He spent 3 hrs on Saturday analyzing each leg in MapMyRun in order to obtain precision down to the 1/50th of a mile re: when climbs start and finish.  You’ll be glad for that when you are using it.  Pavarotti and I had an engaging discussion re: the pros and cons of the Cobalt vs Dewalt JobBox.  If you want to take your next group function from boring to boss-awesome, book us to come in and run a lecture on this topic – it is truly fascinating.
  6. Just when I thought the #NippleTalk was a thing of the past, J-lo made good on his commitment last week and brought me a small roll of 3M tape to try for myself.  He then proceeded to demonstrate how to tear the tape and apply to said nips.  He could have stopped there but didn’t.  Pretty sure the only way to describe what he did next to show the level of protection offered by the tape would be this; He strummed his nipple at me. Need to stop typing.  I feel dirty.

3 thoughts on “The QuadruplePeak and the Nipple Strummer

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Great run, great day. Love this time of the year when the running frenzy is at it’s peak. Already mourning for the lonely mon/wed/fri/sundays of the BRR offseason 🙁

  2. Winnebago

    I love what I am seeing. Yesterday I had planned to do the MSR but the Bojangles shootout lasted past 11 so I ended up sleeping til 7. Watching Strava guys are really making progress.

    Any chance the directions created by Filibuster could be utilized by another team? I am terrible with turns and ran 2 legs on Sunday and directions would be very helpful.

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