Stuff the truck…with Turkeys. Charlotte Rescue Mission and F3 team-up

All PAX members are being called on by Charlotte Rescue Mission to donate turkeys this holiday season.  For those of you who don’t know, or who have never been to the MIP workout, it is Saturdays at 9am, at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  The CRM is “a treatment center that helps those struggling with addiction, poverty or hopelessness with the goal of returning them to society as productive self-sufficient citizens ( ”  One way we at F3 help is by providing them with all the tenements of an F3 workout-Fitness, Faith and Fellowship.  Every MIP workout we hear how grateful the gentlemen at CRM are for us always willing to come out, workout and speak with them.  In the past we have helped with shoes and a clothing drive.  

This holiday season CRM has reached out to us to help them with their holiday food collection.  CRM has obtained a refrigerated truck and are looking to collect 200-300 turkeys that would help not only the CRM, but also 2 Title 1 schools.

IMPACT/So WHAT does this mean for us (especially since some may be hesitant): 

So for the PAX what this means is we are looking for everyone (not in Thunderroad) to come out on November 14th, to workout and DONATE a frozen turkey on Saturday, Nov. 14th at 9am.  

While YHC would be happy accept limited numbers of turkeys prior to the 14th’s workout; unlike with the shoe drive, turkeys are a little tougher to keep and store.  

YHC will show up at Rebound by 8:15am, to start a quick coffeeteria before the MIP workout. (Tentative as we are still working on the details).  

While we know that weekend will be tough, we are asking for 45 minutes (9am to 9:45 maybe 10 by the time COT ends) of your time to make a tremendous impact on our community.  Also, we have thrown around the idea of adding, for that weekend only a Sunday Nov. 15th 4pm workout, if that means more PAX will show.  

 Again the goal of this is not only to have the PAX donate a turkey, but to also show up en masse and show the MIP/CRM community what F3 is about, as well as to show F3 their continued impact on our community.   CRM is looking for us to go big, and we have not let them down yet.  

For those running in ThunderRoad, or who can’t make the 9am workout, but still want to donate a turkey message me, or comment on the thread.  We are thinking of having a representative, at each workout to collect a couple if if there are guys who are willing to donate.  This is especially true of the ThunderRoad guys.  If you have a cooler or would be willing to make a “turkey-run”, let us know.

If there are questions, please feel free to contact YHC, Deertick, or Carrier, as we know the turn around is quick on this event.  My email is

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