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Change of Guard at Silver Bullet Express

The change of the guard at Silver Bullet Express went off without issue. After a two year hitch as the Q, Angler turned over Q responsibilities to Money, Horse and DA. Dredd began activities by thanking Angler for his years as Q and challenging Money, Horse and DA to keep it going. Horse got the […]

Post Pre-Blast Blast for Silver Bullet Express

Dredd will preside over the Change of Leadership for SBE tomorrow morning. 7:00 AM, 1412 Providence Road. See Pre-Blast at: http://f3nation.com/2016/01/04/pre-blast-for-silver-bullet-express-change-of-q-event-010916/ for additional information. Please come and give a warm welcome to our new leadership team! Partly Sunny, light breeze and mid- 40’s. Sunrise is at 7:32 AM and BMNT is at 6:33 AM Angler

Pre-Blast for Silver Bullet Express Change of Q Event 01/09/16

Two and one half years ago, it occurred to YHC that after two months, F3 had such an impact that a work out for double and triple respect pax would benefit our community by re-energizing our experienced pax and involving them in the leadership of our community. Naively, an inquiry was made to our Nan […]

Happy Birthday Silver Bullet Express

Nine sentimental PAX arrived in 29° weather to watch the moon set, to watch the sun rise and to celebrate the second anniversary of The Silver Bullet Express in a spectacular fall morning. The THANG: Warm Up: Imperial Walker Good Morning Low slow squat SSH Merkin LBC If you can run, follow Carrier for a […]

Quick Time at the Silver Bullet Express

On a nice, crisp fall morning, seven old hands crowded a hurry up offense composed of numerous exercises into 45 minutes of elevated heart rate. Done was: side straddle hops, burpees, windmills, squats, plank with rotations left and right, sit-ups, more burpees, leg lifts, peoples’ chairs, more side straddle hops, stairs combined with sit-ups and […]

Stuff the truck…with Turkeys. Charlotte Rescue Mission and F3 team-up

All PAX members are being called on by Charlotte Rescue Mission to donate turkeys this holiday season.  For those of you who don’t know, or who have never been to the MIP workout, it is Saturdays at 9am, at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  The CRM is “a treatment center that helps those struggling with addiction, […]

Silver Bullet Express Back Blast – Horse’s Circles

Due to the Blue Ridge Relay things were pretty quiet and peaceful. The weather was spectacular and we were all looking forward to working out. Then Horse started and everything went to H#ll – one station at the time. THE THANG STATION ONE BALANCE EXERCISES – try them STATION TWO SIDE STRADDLE HOP 15 IMPERIAL […]