Shoulder Work Ahead

5 hit the outdoor weightroom hoping, just hoping, that we would work the shoulders. At least that’s what I told myself.

Mosey to the end of the lot and back, which concludes our running for the day.
Mericans x10
Windmill x5

Enough of that…let’s get to it. Old workout template, modified to hit the upper body.
20 KB Single-Arm Bridged Presses (10 each side)
20 KB Triceps Extentions
20 KB Single-Arm O/H Presses (10 each side)
20 KB High Rows
20 KB Lawn Mowers (10 each side, elbows out)
KB Overhead Carry (rt arm) to the next island
20 Mericans
KB Overhead Carry (lt arm) back to the starting point

Repeat with reps of 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

No time for Mary, but some quick shoulder stretches.


1. If you can’t lift your arms to get any work done today, you’re welcome.
2. Five guys….19 kettle/dumbells. Sounds about right. Clueless’ house gets a lot lighter Friday mornings. And his shiny new ride has even more cargo space, so I suspect we’ll be seeing more of his home gym in the future.
3. T-Bone killed it this morning, easily setting the pace. Clueless is usually right there with him, and only “discovered” T-Bone was “cheating” by decreasing the Mericans each round instead of 20 each time….or as I like to call it “following the Q’s instructions.”
4. Awesome to see Diesel getting after it consistently. He has a goal, and is determined to meet it.
5. Strong work by Cooter – when you’re 6-foot, a-lot of inches, the KBs have to travel along way to get overhead.
6. With The Magnificent leading Acceleration, can only imagine that was a tough one as well. Bootcamps are our core workouts, but would encourage everyone to give kettlbells and/or speed a try as well.

Pax tibi,

4 thoughts on “Shoulder Work Ahead

  1. TBone

    Strong lead this morning @Gamma. Definitely feeling it right now. Seems the KB’s/DB’s outnumber the PAX each week. Means there’s room to grow on Friday mornings! Come on out fellas.

    @Clueless, I thought I finally had you. Little did I know you were doing extra work each round. Way to push! Don’t let the new toy get muddy this weekend.

  2. Clueless

    Nice one @Gamma! That one definitely creeps up on you through the reps. KB Friday still remains my favorite workout… even if I don’t fully know what I’m supposed to be doing. #ListenNextTime

    Way to push it PAX!

    No “cheating” going on with @TBone… only STRONG work!

  3. The Magnificent

    Looks like a good workout @Gamma. Might need to join y’all when I don’t feel like running on Friday!

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