Can’t have too much of a good thing

Call it unoriginal but YHC says you can’t have too much of a good thing. If it works why change it? It had been months since it was last used. So why not bring back @Gapper‘s 12 Day of Christmas beatdown? Besides, @Othello was already talking Christmas Tuesday so it only seemed right to get Christmas started early. Retailers do it, why can’t the PAX?

WARM-UP (x = cadence):
Mosey to the stop sign for SSH x 20 and Windmill x 10
Mosey to the next driveway for Mountain Climbers x 15
Mosey to the curb for Merkins x 10

THE THANG (x = cadence, OYO = On Your Own)
Starting at one end of the MS field
1st day of Christmas: 100 yard sprint
2nd day of Christmas: Carolina Dry Docks x 2, 100 yard sprint
3rd day of Christmas: Air Squats x 3, Carolina Dry Docks x 2, 100 yard sprint
4th day of Christmas: Burpees 4 OYO, etc, etc.
5th day of Christmas: Diamond Merkins x 5, etc, etc.
6th day of Christmas: Monkey Humpers x 6, etc, etc.
7th day of Christmas: J Lo x 7, etc, etc.
8th day of Christmas: Little Baby Crunch x 8, etc, etc.
9th day of Christmas: Jump Squats 9 OYO, etc, etc.
10th day of Christmas: Crunchy Frog x 10, etc, etc.
11th day of Christmas: Merkins x 11, etc, etc.
12th day of Christmas: Low Flutter x 12, etc, etc.

Short on time so some Air Squats, LBCs, and Planks were thrown in along the way.



  • Thanks for playing along guys and putting up with YHC. It was nice to lead this AM. Temps were cooler but who’s complaining about that?
  • @Gapper, hate you missed another round of your workout.
  • Not much mummblechatter this AM but YHC was informed afterwards about plenty of pavement closer than the MS track for us to run the “actual” 100 yard sprints. Running from end zone to end zone was more like 120 yards. So let the record show the PAX did 1440 yards, not just 1200. And that doesn’t include the mosey over and back. #toughcrowd
  • Thanks to the PAX for keeping YHC straight on which exercise and count we were on. You know YHC’s gotta have his blankie (#wineke). But between very little light and fatigue setting in, it was hard to keep straight which exercise and which count.
  • Apologies to @Waterbear for cutting the time close and missing your dash to the car. Likewise, sorry to those that played Frogger on the mosey back. #disclaimer
  • @Clueless needs a new shiny F3 sticker to match his new shiny ride. He’ll take your spare change to cover the new shiny payment.

6 thoughts on “Can’t have too much of a good thing

  1. Dick Tracy

    Sorry I missed this beatdown. Oldest 2.0 got sick early this morning, so had to act accordingly. See you guys in the gloom soon.

    1. BBQ Post author

      Sorry to hear. Hope the 2.0 starts feeling better soon. Look forward to meeting you next time @DickTracy.

  2. Clueless

    Always a crowd pleaser @BBQ. Thanks for taking a break from the marathon training to Q it up. Strong work PAX!

    As you mentioned in the moleskin, a new F3 sticker is definitely needed… spare change would be good too.

  3. Sockmonkey

    @BBQ Great job this morning and for the motivation. I can already feel the soreness which means something is working!

  4. Othello

    Great lead &BBQ! Love the variety And I remember that @Gapper beat down. Seemed much harder then #ISI. Great trying to stay on your heels @Clueless!

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