One Jacked Up Figure 8

Five men stepped into the cool crisp gloom for an ugly Figure 8 in Harrisburg.

The Thang
  • Starting at Town Center, up Main Street
  • Left on Roberta Road
  • Right on Parallel Drive
  • Right on Autumn Drive
  • Right on Patricia Ave, immediate Left on Autumn Lane
  • Right on Woodside Drive
  • Right on Patricia Ave
  • Right on Parallel Drive
  • Cross over Morehead Road, onto Valhalla Drive
  • Right on Williams Road (Roller Coaster) Straight on Lakeview Drive (Up Devils Hill)
  • Right on Hudson Drive
  • Left on Morehead Road
  • Right on Plaza Drive
  • Right on Patricia Ave
  • Left on Morris Drive
  • Left on School Ave
  • Right on Parallel Drive
  • Left on Roberta Road
  • Right on Main Street
  • Right on Professional Boulevard
  • Left on Physicians Boulevard
  • Left on Kee Lane
  • Close it out by Town Center

5 miles (the faster guys got a little extra credit coming back for the slower members of the PAX)

Link to the Map

COT/ Warrior One (Flip Phone)


  1. Food pantry always needs help.
  2. Tradition’s Beatdown Chowdown 10/3.  Details:
  3. Humpday Happy Hour hosted by @Riptide will be tonight at 7:00 PM at 3 Monkeys


  1. Strong work by everyone today.
  2. @Strapless is impressive. It looked like he was out for a morning jog effortlessly keeping pace with @TheMagnificent.  @SSMinnow and I wondered out loud who would win in a race between the two.  My money is still on The Kid if the distance is under 10k.
  3. @Flipphone is killing it.  You’re making tremendous strides in your fitness bud.  Keep pushing yourself
  4. Missed some of the regulars out there.  Paging @Gamma? @Swami? @TurfToe? @Gapper? @BanjoBoy, Hello? Is this thing on? #TheFartsackIsACruelMistress


Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “One Jacked Up Figure 8

  1. Gamma

    Figure 8? We’re gonna have to work on your shape recognition…

    Hated to miss. Flying out to Chicago this morning and still had to pack. Will be back for kettle bells. See you there.

      1. Hootie

        Agreed…that’s terrible. Absolutely awful 8. Not even close. Don’t even think it warrants a “Jacked Up Figure 8” title. Pathetic. Sorry I looked.

  2. The Magnificent

    It was closer to Michael J Fox drawing a figure 8 (too soon?), regardless it was a good loop.

    I feel flattered you’d put money on me in a race @SoloCup. Although I’d have to agree, I wouldn’t bet on myself anything over 10k. @Strapless makes running look too easy.

    @Flipphone you’ve made a lot of progress. Keep up the good work!!

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