Teamwork KB Beatdown

5 Strong Harrisburg F3 Faithful got stronger this morning… all by their own choosing.


Warmup: SSH IC x15, IST IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Merkin IC x10

Thang: People’s choice x 3 rounds… 2 sets of 12 each round

  • @TBone – KB Swing, Walk on the Beach, Squat w/ press
  • @Othello – Clean & Press, Upright Row, Supinated Curl
  • @Cooter – Hammer Curls, Single Arm Chest Press, Calf Raises
  • @Diesel – Lawn Mower, Goblet Squat, Halo
  • @Clueless – Overhead Tri Ext, Merkin w/ side row, Crank it Up

Mary: Ab Up w/ Press, Plank Series, Russian Twist


  1.  Thanks for playing along this morning fellas. YHC figured it would be a good change of pace for folks to mix in their favorites. The result was a solid variety of quality exercises. Strong work!
  2. Special prayers for @BBQ’s extended family grieving the loss of his brother-in-law.
  3. Special prayers for @SoloCup’s sister-in-law as she battles her cancer.
  4. @TBone is still collecting $ for providing @Nala and his M a gift card for a nice dinner out. He plans to present it to him sometime this weekend. If you’d like to contribute, hit up @TBone on the twitterverse — @CJC1810.
  5. We are all blessed in various ways. Continue to find ways to share your blessings with others.

Keep pushing – Clueless

1 thought on “Teamwork KB Beatdown

  1. TBone

    Good lead this morning @Clueless. Goes to show things don’t have to be fancy to get a good workout in. Straight forward and simple gets it done. Walk on the Beach inspired by “Othello’s Beach Body Bicep Blast” (Patent Pending). @Othello, I think you may have something there. We could see you on 2 AM infomercials someday! Good work by all this morning #ISI

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