You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy…

7 of Harrisburg’s handsomest gentlemen moseyed out for a brisk morning run.

The thang:
Head down Main St — turn right and go along Roberta — left at RR Crossing and go all the way through — right on Morehead — left on Carving Tree and go up hill and turn around — right on Morehead and go all the way down to take left onto Morris Dr –left on School Ave –right on Parallel — left along Roberta and loop all the way around town center and back to home base.

We all logged a solid 5 miles today.

1. As for the title of this post, you have to show to know…right Bearclaw? 😉
2. Strong run everyone, getting in a solid 5. We have time to hit that mileage when we aren’t doing burpees at every intersection!
3. Make it a great day.

4 thoughts on “You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy…

  1. SoloCup

    Enjoyed our trip around Harrisburg. I wanted to knock on @BanjoBoy’s door and run away, but then thought better of it.

    Everyone needs to remember to keep an eye on The Six and to wear your reflective gear/headlamps out there.

  2. Gamma

    I’ll second @SoloCup’s comments – need to get reflective gear and/or headlamp. And we should’ve knocked on @BanjoBoy’s door.

    @FlipPhone – great running with you. You’ll do great at the Mud Run. All you gotta do is keep up with @SSMinnow…..

  3. FlipPhone

    Thanks for hanging with me @Gamma.

    @SSMinnow said he would carry a 40-pound ruck to make it interesting. Either that or run the whole thing twice since we’re short one guy from Harrisburg.

  4. Bearclaw

    Last quarter mile was a doozy. Ironically, I had a safety meeting on Monday that included how to avoid slip, trips, and falls in the work place. I’m little sore but okay. We’ll see how I look and feel tomorrow. But…you should’ve seen the other guy!

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