Let’s Roll Pax!

7 ready,willing and able Pax rolled out to roll out the truck tires from Tradition AO to the Precinct this morning. Fun times rolling the tires up Prosperity Church Road – then down Katelyn drive – with some well placed pain stations in between for effect.  Our resident Q evaluator – aka Gently Grizzly- kept the Q in line – YHC thought he saw him taking notes to turn over to the master Q -.. hopefully I passed.

Not the most rigourous workout but a lot of fun and we helped relocate some big ole tires for our precinct brothers.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Roll Pax!

  1. Dingo

    More of a Communty service than a beatdown! But we made the most of it! Thanks for fitting that into your Q Dutch!

    Precincters – you owe us! Enjoy your tires!

  2. Man Down

    Pongo, Dingo, Mountaineer, Magma, Maximus, Gentle Grizzly, and Dutch…On behalf of The Precinct brothers, a HUGE thank you for bringing those tires our way!!! We will be sure to make good use of them…assuming our HOA doesn’t fine us for having them and haul ’em off! 🙂

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