Running God’s Relay Race

Brief recap from last night… My wife has been doing a bible study with the book Unstoppable by Christine Caine.  As she told me a little bit about the book, I instantly saw some huge parallels to what we do in F3.  With my Shield VQ coming up, I knew God put that book in our house for a reason and I needed to use it.  With the BRR video premier the same night, everything I wanted to say was even more relevant.

In the book, she compares our spiritual journey to a relay race; a 4×100 relay race in particular.  In a 4×100 relay race, the most crucial part of the race is what happens in the exchange zone.  Each team is given 20 meters to make the exchange.  If you can’t successfully make the hand off in the exchange zone, nothing else matters.  You can have the fastest team of runners in the world but if they fumble the baton in that exchange zone, all is lost.

Relate that to our spiritual journey, a Divine Relay if you will.  Think of the church lined up, people of god lined up, ready to run with the baton that God has handed them.  This divine relay not confined to a 400 meter track (or a 210 mile course through the mountains), it covers the entire world.  It’s our duty to make sure we can spread the word of God and run whatever race it is that God has called us to run.  Just like the 4×100, it is crucial that we are able to perform in the exchange zone and pass along the word to our children, friends, or anyone who is there needing that baton so they can run their own race.

Every christian is expected to run in the race (much like every PAX member is expected to Q).  Sometimes we’re running, sometimes we’re waiting in the exchange zone for our next baton.

We run this race as a team.  Alone, even the fastest runner can’t compete with a relay team running the same distance.  

God has a race already mapped out for each of us.  All we need to do is listen for it, accept the baton, and run with it.  Many people try to use the excuse, “But God hasn’t called me to do anything” or think that they are not worthy to do anything significant (see Ephesians 5:14, Wake up sleepers!)   The bible is filled with stories of ordinary people who are called by God to accomplish what seems impossible until they choose to accept the baton and let His power multiply their efforts.  These people never felt ready, God simply told them when they were ready.  The same is true with our own races in life.  We may not feel ready, but if He has given us a race to run, we are ready.

Listen for your race, take the baton, and run with it men.  It’s what we’re called to do.


  1. @Pax, thanks for listening tonight.  It’s incredible how I always walk away from The Shield with SO much more than I thought was possible.  If you’ve never attended one, I highly recommend coming out.  You never know what might be said that can have a real impact on you,
  2. Any takers to Q next month’s Shield?  Time for me to pass this baton.


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