Look at the Size of that Fox!

7 men, and one dog, clocked between 4-5 miles today as we strolled through the streets of Harrisburg. Not long into the run @Solocup spotted a fox?? Seems it was a much larger animal we call a deer. On with the run.


The Thang
  • We left town center headed down Main Street towards Roberta Rrd.
  • Made right on Roberta
  • left on Rocky River crossing
  • Left on Morehead
  • Left on Hwy 49
  • Left at Ruckus House
  • Right on Carl Parmer
  • Right on Main Street back to town center
COT/ Warrior One (@JackieChilles)


  • HopeBuilders5K this Saturday (10/10) at 8:00 AM.  Several F3 guys will be there and online registration closes today.
  • Food Pantry always needs help.  See @SoloCup with Donations
  • F3Columbia has a gofundmepage (https://www.gofundme.com/9x5mxfv8)
  1. Great run and great motivation. Thanks for letting me lead
  2. Sound off below

Turf Toe

2 thoughts on “Look at the Size of that Fox!

  1. SoloCup Post author

    Great Virgin Q @TurfToe. I would have sworn that was a fox. I guess need to wear my glasses when we run.

    @BearClaw has been eating his Wheaties. @SSMinnow, he’ll deny it, but I think he called you out on a race

    @Murtaugh, I enjoyed chasing you this morning.

    @JackieChiles, good to have you back out running after the injury.

  2. Bearclaw

    Thank you @SoloCup. I must not have been fully awake when I made that challenge to @SSMinnow because I’m having trouble remembering that!! @SSMinnow certainly has my respect. Thanks for the Q @TurfToe.

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