Stars and Ant Hills

A strong showing of 21 came out on a brisk fall morning with stars shining overhead to get to work.

The thang:
Warm up – jog around parking lot; high knees and butt-kickers along the way.

SSH x15
Imperial storm trooper x 15
Windmill x15

Mosey to the hill for some ladders:
Bottom: 1 burpee
Top: 1 jump squat

Indian run the long way around, towards middle school.
Along the way:
x25 count moving curb planks.

Mosey towards the track for some 4 corners:
Corner 1: 5 merkins; 5 air squats
Sprint to next corner
Corner 2: 10 merkins; 10 air squats
Sprint to next corner
Corner 3: 15 merkins; 15 air squats
Sprint to next corner
Corner 4: 20 merkins; 20 air squats

Mosey to the baseball field’s outfield fence for some muscle-ups:
1 muscle up; 1 LBC
2 muscle ups; 2 LBCs
3 muscle ups; 3 LBCs
4 muscle ups; 4 LBCs
5 muscle ups; 5 LBCs

Repeato x25 count moving curb planks.

Indian run back the long way around to the hill for the ladder in reverse:
Bottom: 5 burpees
Top: 5 jump squats

Jailbreak/partner race back to home base for MARY:
LBCs x10
The Squirm x10
Freddie Mercury x10
The W x10
Mason Twist x10
Crunchy Frog x10
Low Dolly x10
J-Lo x10

1. Good workout guys. Some newer faces were really pushing themselves and that’s encouraging. Keep it up!
2. Tumbler and Gamma and hereby banned from their duo of mumble-chatter! You two together are a bundle of fun. =)
3. I hope all of your hands are bite-free…sorry about the red ant piles on those moving curb planks.
4. Need some honest feedback…are the muscle-ups too much? About half the PAX didn’t even attempt them…trying to find the balance of challenging but also do-able. I know people can always modify if needed, but when half the PAX doesn’t do something I thought I should ask for future workouts. Please sound off in comments…I’m not offended either way!
5. Make it an awesome day!

6 thoughts on “Stars and Ant Hills

  1. Gamma

    @SunDial – great workout, and mix of different exercises. Muscle-Ups are awesome…..if you you the right wall for them. Just not sure that particular fence is made to hold a couple tons of flesh. A 5-6′ brick wall would would be perfect if there are any more Eagle Scout projects in the works!

    And I’m banning bans on mumblechatter. You just need to know which one of us to listen to…

    @DickTracy – welcome to Harrisburg. Strong work out there today.

    Most importantly, tclaps to all those who brought water this morning (or donated in other ways already). We delivered ~30 cases of water and 4 gallons of bleach. Combined with the other MeCa AOs, @Dingo will be taking it all down to Columbia is evening. If you still want to donate on this round, drop it off at 3506 Armitage Dr, Charlotte (near Tradition’s AO) before 5pm today.

  2. Clueless

    Strong lead @SunDial! Enjoyed the variety.

    As for the muscle ups, I agree w/ @Gamma… probably not the strongest fence for our heft. @SSMinnow commented that he hoped the principal/superintendent wasn’t driving by during that time.

    It was also great to see some newer weekday faces. Solid work!

  3. Dick Tracy

    First workout in Harrisburg was a tough one. Nice work, @SunDial. Thanks to @Gamma for the shout out!

  4. Schedule C

    Great lead this morning. I loved the muscle ups, personally. It’s tough to work that group so I’m glad we did it. Plus, when the zombiepocalypse comes, we can sail over those fences.

  5. Othello

    I’m with @Schedule C, loved the muscle-ups on the fence as I look at it as a challenge I need to get better at. Wall would be nice though. Knew something was wrong when I looked over my shoulder and saw everyone was planking on the road, thought I was the snail holding everyone back. Realized now it was a “silent” protest.

    Albeit, great lead @Sundial, you always try hard to include a mix of different exercises to keep us on our toes and break the routine. Keep up the good work! “Mumble chatter” is a good thing.

    @Dick Tracey, great to have you in our AO and part of the PAX. Look forward to seeing you at future posts.

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