Soggy Bottom Boys

Three of Harrisburgs finest decided it was a good idea to get there shoes a little wet on the track this damp morning. YHC was feeling pretty lazy and decided to keep things simple. So the workout went a little like this:


  • jog over to the track and begin 1 mile warm-up lap

The Thing:

  • 800m repeats with a 1.5 minute break in between each run (wound up with 5 repeats)
  • 1x 800m cool down lap


  • Tomorrows the last day to sign up for the mudrun
  • Food pantry needs help, so be sure to drop off food to Solocup
  • If you’re interested in long runs on Saturday join us at 6 o’clock for the bull run before boot camp at 7am. If you want to train for a marathon/half marathon be sure to ask anyone out at bull run about running extra mileage pre bull run. Great opportunity to train with fellow F3 pax.
  • Mint Hill Convergence tomorrow at Minthill Veterans Park


  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning gentlemen, great work out there on the track!
  • Thank you @SSMinnow for helping me out with the time. Don’t know how I forgot my watch at home…at least I didn’t pull a @Sundial
  • Thanks @Bearclaw for taking us out in prayer. Love it when people step up for prayer. Truly brings the pax closer together in fellowship.
  • Whatever happened to @BBQ stopping by for some some acceleration mayhem? ¬†And for that matter whens @Hootinanny gonna show us how it’s done?

-The Magnificent


3 thoughts on “Soggy Bottom Boys

  1. Hootie

    @Magnificent – YHC can’t speak for the #AlbinoLiger but he was last seen trudging along Morehead Rd stomping holes in the asphalt this AM. He’s a silent ninja with exception of his #NatureBoy foot stomp. I would say there was a good chance he was there and you simply couldn’t see him #Casper but he was running amidst a plethora of blinking lights and had an adult sized baby bottle on his right hand. #weird

    As far the #Hootinanny goes, he did his 12×800’s Tuesday AM at 0415. That is when the magic takes place. Some of us have jobs. You, too, may have one one day. #goodluck You are more than welcome to join us but I can promise you there are no 90 sec coffee breaks between sets. You need to leave those wherever you found them. #curves

  2. SSMinnow

    Thanks for leading this morning @Magnificent … can’t go wrong with 800’s

    @Bearclaw … you looked real strong at the end of all those repeats

  3. The Magnificent Post author

    @Hootinany good to know. If I ever convince myself to get up that early again (most likely never) I’d be welcome to join you for some 800 repeats and show you how it’s done.

    Hopefully, I’ll be jumping on the adult train sometime soon. Still got a few prospects to show off my engineering magic.

    I typically go with shorter coffee breaks, but every runner has their off days

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