And the weather forecast was RAIN

YHC has been under the weather with a cold this week but with the help of some Zyrtec was ready to honor his commitment to Q today.  YHC had a plan.  YHC watched the weather forecast last night reporting Hurricane Joaquin menacingly approaching from the South.  Torrential rain was forecasted to come to the Charlotte area Thursday night.  80% chance of rain at 5:00 am and 82% chance of rain at 6 am.  My plan was to go to Stonebridge and when no one was there to return home for a hot wake me up cup of coffee.  The alarm rang at 4:50.  I looked out my door and sure enough it was raining at 5 am.  However as I drove to Stonebridge at 5:10 the rain had stopped.  Oh, I should have listened to @dingo who says it never rains at 5:30.  I got to the lot at 5:20 and there were no Pax to be seen. I firmly decided if no Pax showed I was going directly home for my coffee.  At 5:26 I was 4 minutes away from coffee time.  Then at 5:27 the rain defying, brave pax began to show.  Thank you CONCITTO, SHAWSHANK and GAZEBO for defying the forecast and SHOWING UP.  Iron sharpens iron and only with my PAX teammates showing up did I exercise this morning.  Afterwards I felt great.

We found a relatively dry spot in the parking lot and…

The beatdown went some thing like this.

Warm-ups – mosey around the church, ssh’s, windmill, plankjacks, merkins, cotton pickers, streches, arm circles

A ladder;

10, 15, 20

Kettlebell swings, Shoulder presses, lawn mower pulls, lat extensions, dutch cucumbers

Take a short walk

Another ladder  10,15, 20

goblin squats, peoples chair – hold for 60 seconds with bell on chest, sumo squats, pass the bell around your waist

Take a short walk

Another ladder – on your sixes!

Derby double taps, lat extensions, one arm chest presses

Time for Mary: – about 10 – 15 each

Mason twists with bell, reach for your toes with bell, pretzel crunches, little baby crunches

Mumble chatter was good throughout.

Congratulations to Coyote on his wedding this Saturday!

We discussed that no one knew what a horseshoe was?

We learned that Shawshank has counseled people not to watch the news before they go to bed as it can upset your sleep.  However Gazebo watches a news channel at 6:30 that ends with an uplifting story.

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5 thoughts on “And the weather forecast was RAIN

  1. Gazebo

    Good lead Maximus!! The Respects were in full force this morning, good job at showing who the “real men” are:)

  2. Maximus_MECA Post author

    Thank you Gazebo. Good point and you represented the non-respects very well as their lone represenative.

  3. Dingo

    The smartest 8 men of the Tradition pax were down the road inside a coffee house discussing respect!

    Good job on posting men!

  4. Guinness

    Well done, Maximus. Sorry I wasn’t there. Sounds like a great beatdown. Way to bounce back and Q. I know that you were under the weather.

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