This isn’t #Speed, no it’s #Pace

9 of Highland’s runners (that’s what you guys are now, btw) met in the humid gloom for some #pace training.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around parking lot to pick up the stragglers (no names, but rhymes with @Schmoli and @Schmato)

Run the golf course out to Cambridge Bay and the HC Pkwy.  From Whistlers Chase Dr to Eastfield on the Pkwy is 0.5 miles.  This is the flat straightaway where we would work on #pace.  I encouraged each man to choose a goal pace and try to hit it as they ran the 0.5 lengths.  This was not necessarily a fast thing, but more for training your body to run specific paces.  Unfortunately, we only had time to run 1.0 mile on our #pace route and then headed back to HCES for COT.


  1. Not a lot of miles today (around 4), but some good 2nd F and hopefully some learning of your #pace.
  2. Nice of @Frodo to join us as he did “a few” miles pre and post #Cruise. #lookoutthunderroad
  3. YHC enjoyed hearing stories of BRR.  It’s definitely on my “to do” list and also added to my “Every F3er should try at least once list”, which includes USMC Mud Run, GoRuck, The Murph, and Monday Muthaship. #anyothermustdos?
  4. Speaking of USMC Mud Run, last minute sign-ups still available. #doit
  5. Don’t miss F3 Tradition Beatdown Chowdown on 10/10 at Stonebridge Church!

Pace and Ahoy!


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