A Quiet, Dry Cinderblock Beatdown

6 of Traditions finest reported for duty in the wet and very humid gloom for an Iron Fist beatdown. YHC was asked yesterday to Q and didn’t have time to prepare a new beatdown, so I did what I do best… Recycle one from a few months ago. Here’s how things went:

SLOW mosey around parking lot. Picked up Sensei en route as he was one minute late. Finish mosey at the outback. YHC is tired of the rain and wanted to stay dry today and the Pax appeared to appreciate that. Ghetto D did anyway…

Windmill x10IC
Cotton Pickers X10IC

Stretches – Hamstring, quads, arm circles forward and backward

Grab a cinderblock

The Thang:

5 CB Burpees

Sets of 12 X 10 X 8 X 6 of the following exercises:

CB Swings
CB Shoulder Press
CB Squats
Two-handed CB Bicep Curls
CB Clean and Press

Cooldown: Walk to street and back.

5 CB Burpess

Head over to the concrete slab where the picnic tables use to be.

12 X 10 X 8 X 6 of the following:

Flutter Chest Press w/ CB IC
CB Squat Press
CB High Pull/Upright Row
Step Ups (one leg on block step up bringing other knee to chest) + Flapjack
Standing CB Triceps Extensions

5 CB Burpees OYO

Mosey to picnic tables

20 dips
20 incline merkins.


20 LBC’s
The W

Dry Moleskin:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. Enjoyed it as always.
It’s great to be back home after a month away!
Great work by all this morning. A lot of #RESPECT. Guess all the youngsters were running @The Valley.?.?.?
We did a lot of reps this morning with little to no rest. While the plan was to stay dry, that didn’t exactly happen. I was drenched in sweat when we finished!!
@Wompa: Way to push yourself through muscle fatigue!

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