Welcome Back Kotter Q

Finally back in the saddle to Q a beatdown with a couple of the Precinct men!

Warm up Mosey
Jack Webb Medley IC
1 Merkin – 4 Air presses
2 Merkin – 8 Air presses
1 to 5 (10 sec break) 5 to 1
Plank w/ Arm ext/flex x10 IC

Mosey – to entrance of Wellington
Burpee – Windmill Medley IC
1 to 5 (10 sec break) 5 to 1
Plank w/ Leg side2side x10 IC

mosey – To Tradition Outback pullup bars (taunted all the Traditioners who were doing some sort of hip hop dance with tires!)
Chin up – Bicep curl Medley
partner up
P1 does chin ups – P2 curls/lifts P1 legs
Switcheroo-Repeato 2 sets of each per partner
Plank w/ hip flex/ext x10 IC

mosey – to entrance of Wellington
J-Lo – Plank Jack Medley IC
1 to 5 (10 sec break) 5 to 1
Plank w/ leg ext/flex x10 IC

mosey – back to AO
Carolina Dry Dock – Squat Thrust Medley IC
1 to 5 (10 sec break) 5 to 1

Shared some words of faith and encouragement amongst ourselves.

Great work today!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Kotter Q

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    After months of exchanging BRR prep runs for bootcamps it was time to see if I could still handle a bootcamp beatdown. Sadly the pain was felt as soon as I attempted to exit my truck upon arriving home! Gonna feel the effects all day long I fear. Great work by Closer and Field of Dreams as I had them running out of the neighborhood!

  2. FieldOfDreams

    Pharaoh, thanks for the Q. Good to have you back on the bootcamp circuit.
    Does not happen very often, but your workout made me sore, so you did it right.

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