Great morning for a first time Q

12 guys for a Kettle bell workout at Tradition. Warm ups included short run, Side straddle hop, Imperial Storm Trooper, Windmill, Merkins and Squats.

With a short Run to a Kettle bell Ladder.  (8/12/15/12/8/15/12/8) including KB Swing, Curls, Skull Crusher, Shoulder press, Lawn mower pull and a short Run between each step of the ladder.

All followed by Mary – LBC, Mason Twist, The Q, Low Flutter…….ending with some stretches.

The faithful included: Guinness, Coyote, Skipper, Ghetto D, Frost Bite, Maximus, Neon, Shawshank, Uppercut , Man down, King Louie and yours truly.

3 thoughts on “Great morning for a first time Q

  1. Man Down

    Looks like we need a Q school for posting backblasts. 🙂

    Great Virgin Q today Sensei! That running sucked! I don’t think I’ve ever done so much running in a KB workout…loved it!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    @Sensei – great to see someone of “my generation” (aka decade) stepping up and Qing with authority! Those PAX who thought they’d have it ez – you had us running. I also appreciated your preparation – writing down the instructions in chalk twice – so the PAX on the opposite side would not have to read upside down. Great preparation!

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