Hill Recon

12 Pax gathered in the gloom to recon our beloved hill.


Mosey through the lanes in the parking lot, then line up at the hill.

The Thang

The Pax line up facing the hill to perform an exercise, then recon over to the other side, two at a time, to see what exercise they would do next.  The Pax clambered over the hill 20 times.

  • Cotton Picker
  • SSH
  • Monkey Humper
  • Hillbilly
  • Smurf Jack
  • Lunge
  • Air Squat
  • Carolina Dry Dock
  • Merkin

Cackalacka Choo Choo with a Burpee in between each pax. Two rounds, then mosey back over hill.

Pax form two facing lines, perpendicular to the hill, in plank position with bodies parallel to the hill.  Two pax at a time Bear Crawl the hill and line back up until entire pax reaches the summit.  Return to base of the hill and repeato facing the other direction.

Crab Walk down the hill.

More hill recon:

  • LBC
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Flutter Kick
  • WWII Situp
  • Low Dolly
  • Mason Twist.
  • LBC
  • Squirm
  • Oblique Crunch

Mosey back over the hill.

Jailbreak to the flag.


  1. Nice showing today! Everybody really pushed it with only one very short breather in there.
  2. YHC is really hoping that was the last beatdown above 70 degrees for the year.  The forecast looks good so far.



2 thoughts on “Hill Recon

  1. Othello

    Thanks for the beatdown @Deuce. Looking forward to the cooler weather also! Your bootcamp was an eye-opener for me, never realized until you mentioned it at the end that there was not 1 cadence the whole time! That should be refreshing for new Q’s. who are concerned about the cadence.

    @HongKongPhooey – hope the hammy heals brother (#feelingyourpain)

    Best of luck to the BRR Team this weekend – looking forward to the stories.

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