Supersets, logs and a dirty diaper. Guess which one we didn’t touch?

Under the threat of sandbags, 19 hit The Rail Yard for some Labor Day weekend fun. YHC decided to ditch the sandbags, but we found other ways to get after it….

Mosey down the path, along the sod farm then back up HeartRate Hill to the shelter.
SSH x15
Dips x10
Windmill x10
Hand Release Mericans x10

The Thang
Down to the playground for a superset to hit the back, chest and abs
Start with 2 Pull-ups, 5 Mericans, 10 LBCs,
then 4 Pull-ups, 10 Mericans, 20 LBCs,
….up to 10 Pull-ups, 25 Mericans, 50 LBCs,
…back down to 2/5/10
(total of 50 Pull-ups, 125 Mericans and 250 LBCs without a break….at least if you did all the sets)

Single file mosey around the soccer field, stopping to pick up all the litter and garbage cans blown over by last night’s storm…
Continue to the soccer field parking lot, basketball drill through the parking lines (forward run up the line, defensive slide across to the next line, then backward run along that line). Weave through the lot 4 times

To the bottom of the driveway, Bear Crawl or Walking Lunges up the drive, alternating as necessary, the mosey over to the logs in the overflow lot.

In groups of 2 or 3 depending on the log (unless you’re Tumbler and take your own):
O/H Presses x10
Curls x10
Sit-ups 10x
O/H Presses x10
Curls x10
Hold logs overhead until someone who hasn’t led yet volunteers for his virgin Q….which backfired since Segundo volunteered right away.

Mosey down to the three-level hill
10 Jump Squats at the bottom
10 Burpees at the middle
10 Diamond Mericans at the top
Repeat with 8, 6, 4, 2

Back up to the turnaround, stopping one more time to pick up wind-blown garbage…except the dirty diaper.

Segundo leads us in:
LBCs x15 (I think?)
Low Dolly x15, right into
Low Flutter x15
Papa John takes over for:
The Squirm x15
Flip Phone jumps in with:
Mountain Climbers x15
And last but not least, Wave Runner finishes us off with
The W x15


1. May be the earliest BS call in my Q career as Tumbler starts in on me before we even take off, then keeps at it for the next couple minutes.
2. Never realized how bad 250 LBCs in under 15 minutes would suck.
3. Great to have FNG Jason Rose out for the Bull Run and the workout. May find his way to the Concord group as it’s closer, but always welcome to any AO of course!
4. Did Swami really say he didn’t want to get dirty from the logs? Either way, he redeemed himself on the last set of curls after Tumbler’s critique of how much he was “helping”
5. Tclaps to the 12 running 7-14 miles in the Bull Run and the pre-Bull Run run.
6. As always, great times at coffeeteria. I’m especially thankful for the new employees who are always willing to question my extra manly choice of beverage. #confidence

Remember, lots of options for Labor Day (unless you’re Nautilus, whose M’s employer is missing the point of Labor Day):
0515-0615: off the books run from Gapper’s house (speak up if you need the address)
0530-0630: bootcamp workout at El Dorado (park at Kohl’s on 29); Col Mustard is your Q
0630-0715: Endurance at Louis’ Grille; 3rd F discussion with Othello
0700-0800: bootcamp workout at Mallard Creek park; Dingo has the Q
0730-????: pickup basketball game at Harrisburg Elementary; Clueless is your host

Pax tibi,

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