Turlington’s Palm Tattoo Remover

7 Harrisburg Iron Faithful got their fill of some kettlebell and core work this morning. Gloves would have been a good idea…

Warmup: Short mosey to end of lot and back, SSH (IC) x15, Windmill (IC) x10, IST (IC) x10, Merkin (IC) x10

Thang: Curb to curb ladders on even # climb (2-4-6-8-10)

  • SET 1 – Snatch and Press (ladder), Bear Crawl (with KB) travel, 10 Jump Squats, Bear Crawl (with KB) travel
  • Superset – 12 Lunge Pulses, 12 Dead Lifts, 12 Lunge Pulses, 12 Dead Lifts
  • SET 2 – Merkins w/ Cross-Over (ladder), forward run travel, 10 Air Squats on other side, backward run travel
  • Superset – 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext, 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext
  • SET 3 – Merkin with Side Row (ladder), Crab Walk travel, 10 Mtn Climbers, Walk Crab travel
  • Last 12 Cycle – 12 Upright Rows, 12 Arnold Press, 12 Upright Rows, 12 Arnold Press

Mary: No time



  1. Always an honor to lead… thanks for the opportunity!
  2.  STRONG work this morning by the Pax! Way to push through all the sets. That is a challenging core and shoulder workout.
  3. Title inspired by Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo Remover… an SNL classic – https://vimeo.com/69310297… if you had a tattoo on your palm and didn’t wear gloves, that tat is probably gone.
  4. All kinds of Labor Day activity options – 5:15 off the books at Gapper’s, 5:30 El Dorado Bootcamp, 6:30 Endurance at Louis’, 7:00 Mallard Creek Bootcamp, 7:30 pickup hoops at Harrisburg Elementary

4 thoughts on “Turlington’s Palm Tattoo Remover

  1. Othello

    Shoulders are toast @Clueless! Thought I might need to start going to curves as I was having trouble lifting my measly little weight on the last set of 12. Ready to share some stories with the PAX after my work at the Jason Aldean concert tonight (#peoplewatching). See you all in the gloom.

  2. Sid Vicious

    @Clueless – nice lead this morning. I think I broke 2 pencils and pens already and smashed the period key on my keyboard also…………………………………..
    Shoulders are shot in a good way

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