Respect taking over!

10 Tradition faithful came out this morning with the intent of getting a little bit stronger. I do believe we accomplished that! YHC has started classes up again and the amount of brain power that is available on any given day, other than Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for class, is not a lot. With that being said, today was simple and, thanks to “People’s ________”, it was a lazy day for the Q.

The Thang:




Windmill IC*10

Arm Circles

Count off into teams of 3. One team ended up with 4, but that just meant they got to do more reps!

As a team of 3, the group completed the following:

150 KB Clean and Presses

300 KB Swings

450 KB LBC’s

One member of the group was always running to the Outback where they would complete 10 pull-ups, then run back to the group and another member of that group would follow suit (the team of 4 completed 200, 350, and 500 of the exercises).

Once this was completed, each team took a nice mosey all the way around the church and back to their bells.

Plank it up to wait for the 6.

At this point, we were going to repeat, but YHC figured some group bonding time would be good. So we circled up for a little People’s Q. It went something like this:

50 Shoulder Presses (Conchito…jerk)

25 Curls (Ghetto D…his sleeves weren’t tight enough for him!)

25 Tricep Extensions (Neon)

15 Dutch Cucumbers each arm (King Julian)

30 Chest Presses (Shawshank)

15 W’s IC (Soundwave)

“20” Derby Double Taps (Dutch….more on this in the moleskin)

Finally, clear the bells out of the way for a final group bonding moment. Lineup at the hill and partner up. One partner does a suicide (middle of lot and back, cars and back) while the other partner does Carolina Dry Docks while waiting on him.


The Moleskin:

-So Dutch decides it was a good idea to try and complete “20 Derby Double Taps.” YHC got to about 12 and admittedly Jelly-Lubed the rest (I’ll do my Burpees later this afternoon @Buckwheat). @KignJulian tried to call everyone out about it but its hard to take a guy seriously who is using a 7 lb KB!

-As YHC Lubed the rest, the PAX followed (poor leadership from the Q)….except for @Conchito. He had to be the jerk of the group and finish all of the reps while we all just sat there and watched and felt bad for ourselves.

-I believe that we had a new Lexicon phrase developed today and I believe its a winner. @GhettoD coined the term “Dutch Vasectomy.” The definition of a Dutch Vasectomy is, “The outcome of a Derby Double Tap that was cut short, rendering a PAX member in capable, probably, of ever having children.” In other words kids, don’t let the KB come down too soon on a Derby Double Tap or you’ll be sorry!

-The title of this BB came from the fact that the PAX today was 50% comprised of Respects!! Strong work by @Neon, @GhettoD, @Shawshank, @Dutch, @Conchito!

-The guys at the book study were missed this morning! Well that’s only sort of true because it was a nice quiet-ish workout this morning.

-It seems like every BB I have something to call out @TheFarm about. I kept hearing all of this talk about him waiting for my next Q so he could come and bring his mumblechatter but once again a Coyote Q has come and gone and still no @TheFarm! #issomebodyscared?

-Prayers for our brother @Soundwave and his family continue to go out during this hard time.

-If anyone with a truck is available to help move on Saturday September 12th, my almost M and I are moving our stuff into our place and we will be providing lunch and beer to any and all who help!



3 thoughts on “Respect taking over!

  1. The Farm

    Trust me brother, I was gonna come to this until I saw that V bootcamp Q pop up. The date is circled on my calendar!

  2. Ghetto D

    Thanks Q for a great workout. My fellow Respect guys showed we still got it. Now, what time do I get my nap?

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