Friday Morning Lights, Part II

5 PAX showed up at the middle school track and lucky for them they were all on time. Had they been late, they would have regretted leaving the fartsack and the PAX MIA. Editor’s note: if any PAX used @Sundial or @Titleist‘s clocks, sound off in the comments…if you dare.

It seems HRHS isn’t so eco friendly and stray away from “going green” or maybe the stadium lights were left on for some major event (F3 is a big deal). Besides, YHC’s blanco chest always looks better with a little extra light. ┬áThink this is at least the 2nd time this has happened so we’ll call this Part II (Friday Morning Lights Acceleration).

Mosey from HRMS parking lot to HRHS track
Continue another 800m around track

3x800m repeats w/2:15 rest between each
3x300m repeats w/1:15 rest between each

800m mosey around track
Mosey back to HRMS parking lot



  • It had been a while since YHC had posted for #Acceleration – realized today how much better Friday AMs are when you start out with the PAX.
  • For those that haven’t posted (like YHC) for #Acceleration in a while, why not? Don’t make excuses, just show up. There’s some hurt involved but that’s a good thing
  • Great to finally meet @Bearclaw this AM. Having another #Respect part of the HB PAX is awesome. And respect is truly owed. He never quit and that right there says a lot. Glad to be sweating it out there with you brother.
  • #BRR, watch out cause @SoloCup‘s ready. Been hearing about impressive performance and miles he’s been putting in. Saw it for myself this AM. Looking forward to #BRR.
  • @Magnificent – uhh, think you were sandbagging it just a bit on the 2nd 300m because you shot out (and stayed out) on the last 300m. Heck, you walked right by me on all the repeats. Likewise, #BRR should be awesome next week.
  • @Bull – as always, impressive work. Not sure you ever quit. 4ish miles before, 5ish during #Acceleration, and more miles tomorrow. #Beast

8 thoughts on “Friday Morning Lights, Part II

  1. Gamma

    @BBQ – that just looks awful. We saw the lights from Stallings and figured you had some connections. If you start getting the stadium PA announcers involved in Acceleration as well, you’re my hero.

    1. BBQ Post author

      I figured since @Hootie hinted at posting but then didn’t, he pulled some strings to have the lights on for us instead. Thanks @Hootie – now how about @Gamma’s suggestion next time?

  2. SoloCup

    Great lead @BBQ and Strong work by All…

    @TheMagnificent lived up to his name. Impressive. A 2:04 min 800 is the new goal. I’ve only got to shave 1:30 min off my current PR time to get there…

    #BRR can’t get her fast enough!

  3. Bull2

    @BBQ – Great lead this morning. Always good to see everybody pushing their own limits.

    I didn’t realize that this was Part Deux. If you hadn’t included the link, I probably would have told you that I missed the first one. I do seem to remember the 3 man indian run from that one…that might have been the one that drove ole @Banjo Boy off #allergictowork.

    @Magicman – I didn’t realize that you were in the record books…impressive. I bet you didn’t take many 300’s off back then. It does make me feel better about being half a lap behind you on the 800’s, though.

  4. The Magnificent

    Great lead @BBQ! It would make for an interesting time with @Hootie as a track announcer (that would be a great retirement gig for you).

    Can’t wait to team up with @SoloCup and the rest of the BRR crew next week

    @Bearclaw great job this morning. Love your drive and determination every Friday!

    @Bull2 & @BBQ glad to have y’all up there pushing me. I think I got like 3rd or 4th record for the 800, but 1st for the 4 x 800 relay with my team. Tell everyone right now, getting low 2 minute 800’s are HARD

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