A crowded cruise

13 men came together today for the cruise led by YHC. Was this a record for Tradition and The Valley? Route was as follows:

– right onto Mallard Creek Rd.
– left onto Governor Hunt Rd.
– Right onto David Taylor Dr.
– Right onto Greenway next to Corvian Community School
– Up the hill back to Mallard Creek Elementary

– Total mileage without turning back was 4.14 miles today. Nice job guys. Great showing by Soundwave this morning brother. Nice work.
– It was great to see 14 men there this morning. My entire MudRun team was there. Good showing @Guinness, @Triple Threat, and @Chicken Strip. Let’s keep coming each week. It’s not too late to sign up. The MudRun is a great experience. Click here for more info and how to sign up.
– I enjoyed the 2ndF this morning @Dingo, @BOS, @the Farm, and @Soundwave.
– Welcome to FNG AJ. Keep posting brother.

6 thoughts on “A crowded cruise

  1. The Farm

    This is the best cruise I’ve ever been a part of hands down. I was worried about it because my legs were still a little sore from the Super but I forgot about that once we got going. I learned what road I cross when heading the other direction on the greenway and caught up with a lot of guys. All 3 Fs were present this morning…and no owls.

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Aye. It’s easy to forget your soreness when you work out with a group like this. Great group of guys.

  2. Chicken Strip

    I hate I had to leave early, but I had to get into work early. Great cruise! You’re right @Forgotten Jelly this is a great AO, a lot of potential routes and workouts.

  3. Dingo

    Good work out there men!

    @soundwave – strong work! Keep posting, there is a runner inside of all of us!

    Great work picking up the 6 this morning gents! At least 5 of us got in an extra 1.5 miles! #ISI

    Please pray for Soundwave and his family as tomorrow is the anniversary of his daughters death.

  4. Neon

    This morning was tough for me. I went into it pretty sure that I’d be walking a lot. I pushed through and only walked about half a mile of it total. I am more sore than I’ve been yet. Whew!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Sound Wave and family.

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