Playing in traffic

17 Strong came out to the Ridge this morning to get the day kicked off right. Only 2 Pax decided that they needed a little extra sleep, so the rest of us were able to give them a welcome as they hurdled the speed bumps on Raging Ridge Road.

As the two tardy Pax came in, YHC had thoughts of playing catch-me-if-you-can and a quick mosey to Abbington for a trip or two up French Fry Hill, but thought better of it. Afterall, this is a bootcamp workout, right.

Here is how it went down:

Mosey out the parking lot, over The Ridge, and circle up at the stop sign.

Quick and very weak disclaimer. There were no attorneys amongst us this morning, so YHC is pretty sure the disclaimer would stand up in court. #whereisjackiechileswhenyouneedhim

Move over so Chaos can two wheel it into the parking lot. #Thing1

SSH x 15

Mosey to the next stop sign, circle up, and watch #Thing2 cruise by.

Mountain Climbers x 15

Mosey to the next stop sign, circle up.

Slow-Count Merkins x 10

About this time, our two nap-sackers are able to join up with us, so it is time to turn around and go back. Form 2 lines and indian run it back to the cars…. Warm-up complete.

The Business:

Short and simple. Do as many rounds as possible, with each round consisting of:

20 Merkins

0.2 mile run to High School Sign

20 diamonds

0.2 mile run road to Middle School

20 Jump Squats

0.2 mile run to High School Sign

20 Diamonds

0.2 mile run back to cars



LBC’s x 15

Low Dolly x 15

Low Flutter x 15

Plank (a minute plus or minus, but mostly plus)

The Skin:

  1. Thank you all for allowing me to lead. It is truly an honor.
  2. Thanks also for playing along. It has been a while since I have led a bootcamp workout, and that didn’t really change today.  I didn’t see any quit out there this morning, with everyone grinding it out to the end.
  3. YHC is not sure who #Thing2 was, but my money is on Swami…He has been early too many times recently #notSwami-like
  4. I didn’t hear much chatter this morning. That may be because all YHC could hear was SS Minnow whispering about #Bonesaw and how weak YHC was for not giving it a go. Or how he was going to destroy Leg 15 this year. Seriously, Minnow, thanks for the push this morning, you are looking #BRReady.
  5. Uneasy Rider is officially a sandbagger. Dude sprinted in the last ¼ mile.  Or maybe he thought I had BoBerry biscuits waiting for us.
  6. The Magnificent had no smoke and mirrors today. He should have been in my other ear…or more likely way out in front of us.
  7. Go ahead and sign up for the mud run.  Check it out here…Fall 2015 Mud Run
  8. Chaos said something or other about the Spartan Beast on November 15th.  There may or may not be a sign up sheet at Curves. Thunder Road is the real challenge on November 14th.
  9. Harrisburg Food Pantry is still in need and we have sat around long enough.  Bring something, anything, to Solo Cup.  He promises to be there to take it.
  10. Step up to Q.  Click here and pick a date or two.

6 thoughts on “Playing in traffic

  1. Gamma

    Nice one, @Bull. Good example for future VQs (looking at you PapaJohn, Parquet, UCB, Segundo, UneasyRider, etc, etc) – it doesn’t have to be complicated to be tough.

    Would have liked to hear @SSMinnow actually talk trash, but couldn’t catch much as you both flew by.

  2. SSMinnow

    @Bull…I couldn’t resist, you would have gotten 15 laps at #bonesaw for sure…..and beyond the hill climbing, with a little Harrisburg Pax backup we might could have wrestled the Ghost Flag from The Nanny’s death grip.

  3. Swami

    Enjoyed the beatdown @Bull. That was me flying through after @Chaos. #swami-relapse #dontcallmesundial
    Glad you relented on your idea to run to Abington. Would never have caught the Pax.
    I signed up to Q the day before BRR…
    Looking forward to @Magnificent and @UnEasy Riders VQ…still remember the EH we put on you two at the park OVER A YEAR AGO!

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