Why does a man #bonesaw?

Some came for the challenge.

Some were merely curious.

Some probably fall into the “clinically disturbed” category.

And let’s face it… some have nowhere else to go.

And thus 23 banded together on the ragged edge of Metro to join the Bonesaw Brigade.

Underway was 0515 sharp for AMRAP on the #bonesaw.  An hour later the Brigade had tallied up no less than 161 man-miles and approximately 23,000 ft of collective elevation gain.  Aye.


Quite an ecumenical (5 syllable word of the day) morning with representatives from regions far and wide.  The spirit of togetherness was so overwhelming that the Nantan loudly re-affirmed his blue-helmet position as a man of all united nations.  However, the goodwill was short-lived as  he quickly fomented disharmony by arguing that the simple act of passing OBT counted as a “lapping” the #1 WeaselShaker.

@Snoop’s soothing “woofs” calmed the nerves of large and seething population of wild dogs in NoDa.  Thank you for keeping us safe sir.  Snoop also declared that his first and last #bonesaw were happening simultaneously.

The Buford Pusser “Walking Tall with a Big Stick” Award goes to that guy.  Never mess with a man walking through the ‘hood at 6 am wearing jorts and carrying a sizable wooden club.  Aye?

It was a great morning to dig deep men.    I know a few of the men in McCreesh Place looked out the window, and I hope we gave them a little inspiration as we inspired each other.  We certainly inspired the guy who hollered at us from up at Amelie’s.

Goat sends.







5 thoughts on “Why does a man #bonesaw?

  1. Winnebago

    @Chowder was left off. Sorry to jet early, I had to be home by 6:30 but as a #Bonesaw OG I felt it was my obligation to show. Got 10 laps by 5:55 to return to the lot which makes me feel certain I could have duplicated my PR.

    The group today was noticeably faster than past groups, perhaps the Charlotte Running Club coming out had something to do with it.

    We finally found @Dredds muzzle as he passed me I said “kinda quiet today” all he could muster was “This is hard.”

    I think this needs to live past BRR, I mean Thunder Road is just around the corner.

    Oh and way too many shirts today, I was disappointed.

    1. Dredd

      Aye. I ran my yap for the first two Bones, shouting “Fifty is coming” and all that BS. On the third trip around I entered into the pain bubble and only spoke to @InexplicablyTallGuy and @FakeClemsonGuy because I felt like we had kind of bonded.

      I’m never doing that again. Well . . . maybe I will.

      How about the #GreekPriest with stalking backwards with his fighting stick? Or mabye that was mirage only I could see.

  2. Gnarly Goat Post author

    Chowder’s in now. #bonesaw will live on… I expect it to hit the schedule when necessary to quell the anti-carido RUCK-us that is sure to emerge post-BRR.

  3. The Nanny

    @Goat. Great creation, great BB. Was the highlight of the day…but it ain’t over yet.

    @Moses & @Ghost. You two front runners were moving. A most impressive showing.

    Ghost Flag will be in Highlands on Wed for our final session of Mt Millstream Repeats.

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