Everyone loves “Fruit Roll-ups”

21 ventured out to The Rail Yard for some cooler weather and a little pain.  YHC tried to mix it up again with some new variations of suicides (i.e. partner jumps) and other exercises (i.e Roll-ups), resulting in some awesome mumble chatter.  By the end we were all drenched and our bodies better for it! it went something like this….

Mosey up the road, make a left down the drive to the lot by the soccer field

(x denotes cadence)
SSH x10
Windmill x10
MTClimbers x10
CDD x10
Jump Squat 180’s – 10 OYO

Mosey to track for Two lines of Reverse Indian Run
Group begins to run around track, last man in line turns around and sprints in the opposite direction eventually catching up to the oncoming group.  Once there, they now become the first person in line, turn around and lead the group around the track.  Last man in line turns around and sprints around track, etc, etc, etc, until all PAX have sprinted.

Mosey to the Soccer Field Sideline for the following:
-Bear Crawl (BC) to center of field/Jump Squat 180 x10/Crawl Bear (CB) to the opposite sideline
-BC to center of field/Burpees x10/CB to the opposite sideline
-Partner Jump Over (PJO) to center of field/Merkin x10/PJO to the opposite sideline
(1st partner planks, 2nd jumps over, Planking partner walks on all fours to get back in front their partner for another PJO.repeato until you make it to the center of the field, it’s that easy… or is it.  change places with opposite partner for second leg)
-PJO to center of field/Burpee x10/PJO to the opposite sideline
-one round of suicides (everyone)

Mosey to the Soccer Field endzone (Partner up)
-Team LBC’s x100 – one member starts LBC’s, other runs to endzone and back, switch.  Keep switching until team completes 100
-Team Plank – one member starts Plank, other runs to endzone and back, switch. 1x only

Mosey to Hill w/Partner
-Team Roll-ups x50/Quadraphilia – one member begins Roll-up, other does Quadraphilia up hill, repeato and continue until all 50 roll-ups are complete. (YHC started with 100, audible called after watching some “not so talented PAX try to “roll onto their back and then – get up on their feet”.  Sounds easy, right?  If only we had a video….great mumble chatter by the PAX.

Mosey to the Pond
-Jack Web’s: 1 Merkin/2 Air Presses, up to 10

Mosey to Shelter
-Bench Jump-up’s/Dips/Decline Merkins: OYO 3 sets – 10/5/1

Mosey to Mary
-Pretzel Crunch x10, flapjack
-Mason Twist x10
-Reverse Crunch x10


1. Thanks to all for playing along today. You guys are are a strong group! I appreciate anyone who wants to re-name those “Jump Squat 180’s”, “Partner Jumps” and/or “Roll-up’s” for future use. Loved the mumble chatter.  Bull Run folks – you guys put in some good mileage today AND kept up with the PAX this AM.  You guys are awesome! (#ironsharpensiron)
2.  Good to see @SheepDog today.  I thought you were an FNG at first glance.  As you know, it doesn’t get any easier but you WILL get stronger!  See you at future posts.
3.  Great push today @WaterBear, @WhiteBronco, @Titlest.
4.  Honor to team up with @HongKongPhooey & @NeonKicks – you guys are strong!
5. Announcement: the Harrisburg Food Pantry needs supplies. @SoloCup will collect any donations at upcoming workouts.
6. Steel Wheels tomorrow 6am, Harrisburg Elementary. Q = TBD

6 thoughts on “Everyone loves “Fruit Roll-ups”

  1. Othello Post author

    An honor to lead the PAX this morning. Cooler weather was a blessing and great to see a strong PAX showing this AM.

  2. FlipPhone

    Nice lead today Othello! Great workout and some humor for good measure. If people aren’t complaining and giving you a hard time, you’re not doing it right! Just ask @Sundial. Nice work today gentlemen.

  3. SunDial

    Good one Othello.
    On a side note (pun intended), is your van the one with the front plate that says “tuba guy?”

  4. SunDial

    Good one Othello.
    On a side note (pun intended), is your van the one with the front plate that says “tuba guy?”

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