Day of rest…at least for the legs.

8 of Harrisburg’s strongest posted to get a little stronger. No complaints were heard when it was announced we wouldn’t be doing any leg work today.


SSH x15
Mericans x10

Intent was 3 rounds of 5 exercises each, focusing on the abs, chest, back, shoulders and arms; reps of 10-15-15-10-1MinMax. We made it through the first, but had to combine the last two in the interest of time…

Round 1
10 KB LBCs
10 KB Mericans
10 KB Lawn Mowers (each side)
10 Single Arm KB O/H Presses (each side)
10 KB Outhouse Curls
Repeat with 15, 15, 10, then max reps for 1 minute

Round 2/3
10 KB Low Flutters
10 KB Fly’s (each side)
10 KB Dead Lifts
10 KB Front Raises
10 KB Triceps Extensions
Repeat with 15, then…
15 KB Pretzel Sit-Ups
15 Single Arm Bridged KB Chest Presses (each side)
15 KB Pullovers
15 KB High Rows
15 Reverse Curls
Repeat with 10


1. Thanks for coming out. If you ran yesterday and plan to run tomorrow, you’re welcome for the upper body workout.
2. Great to see everyone pushing themselves with higher weights.
3. Little creepy when the fog suddenly rolled in. I think I watched too many horror movies as a kid…
4. Tclaps to Helga for staying after to get a little running in – said he was practicing for Monday’s Murph.
5. Some chatter about the Mud Run on 10/24 – interest is growing, so sign up and form your team….or form your team and sign up!

Pax tibi,

3 thoughts on “Day of rest…at least for the legs.

  1. Othello

    @Gamma-thank you! Great upper body workout. I was thinking the same thing with the fog…..nice that it is getting a little cooler in the gloom.

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