New record

12 men (a new record for Road Warrior??) and Petey came out on a cooler morning for a lovely stroll through the ‘Burg.

The thang:
Head down Kee Lane, left on Financial Way, right on Ruckus Rd, cross 49 (Frogger!), down the service road that turns into Shamrock, left on Timberwood, turn around and go across Shamrock to the other side of Timberwood, left on River Hills Dr, right on Shamrock. At River Front Drive, head up the hill and turn around at Misty Meadows Lane. Repeato x4. Then head back down Shamrock, cross 49 (Frogger!), right on Financial Way, Left on Hagler St, Right on Main St and back to home base.

All in all, depending on who looped back to keep the group together, we did between 5-6 miles. I think the average was around 5.5 for most guys.

1. Strong work today guys! Nice of Othello and Clueless to abandon their posts and make one big group. You guys were strong out there.
2. Thanks Solo Cup for offering to lead – my old ticker is feeling a bit better, but still having some strange pains. Maybe I just needed a good run. =)
3. River Hills Estates might as well drop the S on Hills…there was only the 1 hill. River Hill Estates would be more accurate!

4 thoughts on “New record

  1. Othello

    @SunDial – thanks for allowing me to run with you guys. My whole body is feeling it right about now. I totally underestimated the amount of calories your body uses up running. Love it! @Clueless – we might have to consider this more often when we have “light” Broga attendance.

    1. Clueless

      Agreed @Othello… good to get out and pound some pavement now and then. Glad the knee held up. I still love the Broga recovery option too though. I’m sure your body is in a little shock with the ‘surprise run’. Nice push!

  2. Clueless

    Nice lead @SunDial. I hadn’t been up those roads yet. Some nice options on that route.

    Thanks to all of those who had the vests and headlamps to light the way.

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