Back to School

As the summer winds down and the pax (and 2.0’s) get ready to head back to school, the tradition faithful wandered into the gloom to get their bodies ready for school.

Mr. Belding had the q and it went like this-

SSH x 15
MC x 15
Merkins x 15

Various stretches

Mosey to Cinderblocks

Benchpress/Dips x 10, 20, 30, 40
Sumo Squats/Lat Pulls x 10, 20, 30

Mosey to picnic tables
Dips/Derkins x 10, 20, 30

Peoples Chair

Review of all exercises

Pretzel Crunch
Timebomb W’s
Airborn Mindbender

It was a quiet crew today, but I take that as a compliment. Only 8 strong, but thats the perfect number for keeping everyone accountable and encouraging the pax.

@kemosabe got a little nervous when I told him we were doing the cruise and the location changed 🙂 #justmessingwithyou

@dutch, @maximus, @ghettod, @conchito- you guys put the young bucks to shame with your commitment.

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4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Dingo

    You know I would be your favorite student!

    But seriously…..Im pretty sure that none of your pax are heading back to high school…….Unless Jillian Michaels told Dutch he has to…..

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Nice job @mr. Belding. You had us guessing by the tour of Stonebridge to include a people’s chair and dips on the picnic table and reps of 40. Your teacher’s background certainly has you fully in-charge and your students quiet.

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