Rock Solid Plyometric-Burpee Beatdown

26 ventured out to The Ridge.  YHC thought the light rain at the house might cause him to call an audible, fortunately for us the rain subsided enough so we could enjoy the humid gloom beat-down.  By the end we were all drenched and our bodies better for it! it went something like this….

Mosey across the lot towards the baseball fields
-High Knees to the Stop Sign
-Butt Kickers to the blue garbage pail
Continue to the baseball fields and then to the Rock Pile – Pax picks one each

Circle up in the Practice Field (x denotes cadence)
SSH x15
Merkin x10 while alternating each hand on rock
MTClimbers x15
CDD x15
IST x15

Plyometrics (Stay in Circle – AMRAP 1 min) – think “light on my feet”
Circle Run around rock
Airborne Heisman over rock
Rock Hop (30 sec L2R, 30 sec F2B)
Run Squat Rock Slap (jump and alternating sides)
Mary Katherine Jump Lunges (Arms up for extra credit)
Leapfrog/Squat-walk to base of hill cradling rock

Burpee Ladder 10,8,6,4,2
-shoulder press rock overhead at end of Burpee in lieu of jump
-Quadraphelia up hill with rock after each Burpee set
-plank when finished
-place rocks back on pile, gather on sidewalk for…..

Indian Run (2 lines) back to main parking lot
-circle the entire parking lot (some Pax must still have been a little lightheaded from all the Burpees as we went a little off course – all was good!)
-arrive back to Mary location

YHC underestimated the strength and speed of the Pax and arrived for Mary a little to early.  Therefore, we had no choice but to do another Burpee ladder.  It went like this…
Burpees 10,8,6,4,2 with Air Squats 10,8,6,4,2 in between.

LBC x20
In & Out’s x15
Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit-up x14
VF Roll-ups x10
Leg Climbs x10ea leg


1. What the heck is a Plyometric? Are we doing a Burpee ladder or should we just do all 30 in one shot? Were you watching your P90X tapes again? These and other questions were thrown at YHC during the beatdown.  Thanks to all for playing along, especially @Solocup.  If it wasn’t for him saying we had extra time before Mary you never would have gotten to enjoy those extra 30 Burpees. (#ironsharpensiron)

2. Thanks @Lobo for coming out to our AO.  Look forward to seeing you at future posts. Like @Gamma states in an earlier backblast, “try to visit another AO every once in a while – you get to meet some of your MeCa brothers, maybe pick up some new workout ideas and overall, variety helps keep you going over the years!” – @Gamma

4. Had lunch with our “wayward” son, @Ribshack today.  He misses the AO but swears that he never said “we don’t sweat at our workouts”.  He sends his best to all and promises to improve his “half-ass” push-up form!

6. Announcement: the Harrisburg Food Pantry needs supplies. @SoloCup will collect any donations at upcoming workouts. Also, another FREE 5k is planned.  Click HERE for more details.

7. Flash Mob is Thursday night at Reedy Creek Park. (Thanks @Solocup!)

5 thoughts on “Rock Solid Plyometric-Burpee Beatdown

  1. Othello Post author

    An honor to lead you men! Thanks for putting up with my Plyo-routine this morning. Had to try it.

    For all those that think they are “not ready” to lead, give it a try. You can’t be any worse than me and it is the only way you will improve as a leader. @Gamma, @Solocup, @Clueless are so good at it because they have done it a million times! Time for the rest of us to give back a little. Aye!

    1. RibShack

      @Othello- I’ve got your half-arsed* mericans………..right over there with that burger & fries you ate for lunch!

      *sorry, I speak @Dingo now

  2. Clueless

    Great lead @Othello! The plyo with rocks was a new twist and who doesn’t love a few rockees in the gloom… drenched in the end.

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