Family is what matters most

6 men from Harrisburg gathered at an alternate location (Faith Coffee and Sweets) in search of something called a bacon donut.  I don’t think we found one yet but we did talk about the following…

What matters most – Family

  • Putting Jesus First is the most value for your family PSALM 127:1
  • Discipleship is the target of parenting EPHESIANS 6:4

**The following contribution is paraphrased from the book Guiding Your Child Toward God by C. Sybil Waldrop (page 114)

“Your Most important job is to grow in your faith, share your faith with others, help your children discover their faith. You can do this by demonstrating your actions. The best way to understand your faith is to put it in laymens terms to your children so that they understand. Be alert for opportunities both planned and unplanned top share your faith with your children.”

  • Trends of parenting today
  1. It’s all about you PHILIPPIANS 2:3-4
  2. Discipline feels unloving



PROVERBS 23:13-14

** The following contribution came from Meditations for Men by Daniel Russell (page 143)

“Sometimes we must feed on famine, bathe in tears, be comforted with disaster, be made victors through battles lost and throw overboard some cargo if we are to make port. One of the great and holy voices rising from the bewilderment of tragic days is the voice of Discipline.”

  1. Grace does not live here



  1. Fight for your family

2SAMUEL 23:11-12


** this is the only time Shammah is mentioned in the bible

Group Discussions / Thoughts



  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning guys!  I hope you got something out of the lesson this am.
  • Great discussion and thanks for sharing your thoughts @Gamma, @Othello, @Oz, @Solo Cup and @Tumbler.
  • On a side note I traveled to Youngstown, OH a couple of weekends ago to see my dad’s school Youngstown State University (4 time national champion I-AA). In honor of my dad and F3 my son and I (@Sid Vicious and @MJ) did 10 Merkins in one end zone at Stambaugh Stadium. It just happened to be open for band practice, what luck.
  • I almost took home a dozen donuts but decided otherwise, very tempting.

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  1. Othello

    Thanks for the lead @SidVicious. Great thoughts for the day. Next time we are there I am getting the cinnamon roll!

  2. Sid Vicious Post author

    @Othello you bet, thanks. I’ll join you on the cinnamon roll. They sure looked good.

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