French Dip Hills

4 of Harrisburgs finnest came out for a sneaky hill workout.  Don’t worry, hills do count as acceleration boosters.  The workout went a little like this:

The Thing:

  1. Start at middle school parking lot
  2. Turn left on hickory ridge road
  3. Turn right onto Penton Place (Abington neighborhood)
  4. Turn left onto French Fields Lane (French Dip Hills) for the real training.  Take French Fields all the way to the end and turn back to go back to home base.  No one gets left behind, so some extra hills and mileage was picked up.

Bull racked up a total mileage of 5 miles on the run, with Minnow and myself racking up roughly 4.75 miles and BearClaw racking up approximately 4.25 miles.

With 3 minutes left, BearClaw had to leave for work so the rest of the gang finished up with some Mary.


The Magnificent- Crunch Frogs x26

Bull-Low Flutter x15

SS Minnow- Muricans x10 (or 15, my memory is hazzy.


  • Next time I need to write the back blast right after the workout…my memory is terrible
  • Great work by all men this morning!!
  • T-Claps to BearClaw for pushing himself to finish the workout and with a spectacular finish
  • Watch out for the dogs in Abington, they don’t like lights or Bull in the early morning dark

Abracadabra homies,

The Magnificent

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  1. SSMinnow

    Good lead @Magnificent….that long French Fields hill sure felt like speed work by the time I reached the top

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