Can you spot the kryptonite?

6 Strong F3 Harrisburg Faithful got a little stronger this morning. YHC had picked up a jump rope yesterday to add to the workout mix this morning. It’s odd how a little rope can bring grown men to tears (mostly laughing tears that is)…

Warmup: SSH IC x15, Windmill IC x10, IST IC x10, Yerpie OYO x10

Thang: 6 Men, 6 Stations (1 jump rope station, 5 stations with a light and a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell)

SET 1 – 12/10/8 decreasing reps of all 7 exercises, rotating stations clockwise after each exercise

  • Goblet Squat, Hammer Curls, Upright Rows, Overhead Tri Ext, Squat w/ One Arm Press, Alt Lunge Step Forward w/ One Arm Press, Russian Twist (Press in Center)

“Break” = 10 – 100’s Shimmy – just like 10 -100’s, but w/ side to side shimmy instead of pulses

SET 2 – 12/10/8 decreasing reps of all 7 exercises, rotating stations clockwise after each exercise

  • Sumo Squat, Outhouse Curls, Arnold Shoulder Press, Lawn Mowers, Squat w/ Two Hand Press, Alt Lunge Step Backward w/ One Arm Press, Mason Twist

Mary: Plank sequence… toe taps IC x10, hand taps IC x10, opposite toe/hand IC x10



  1. Today was my one year anniversary workout with F3. I’m so appreciative of the men in this group that choose to challenge themselves to be better men… not only from a Fitness perspective, but from a Fellowship and Faith perspective as well. It is truly inspiring and a motivation factor to rise out of the fartsack each morning to better myself. Thanks so much for the opportunity to lead. Thanks so much to those that have led, so that I could follow, learn, and be part of something bigger than myself. We are leaders in our families and our community. Let us continue challenge one another and to spread the wealth to other #SadClowns out there.
  2. Strong work by the PAX this morning. Many opted for the higher weights at various stations to challenge themselves a little more. The only way you get better/stronger/faster is to continue to raise your own bar. #TClaps
  3. @Helga can certainly jump some rope… #ImpressiveSkills. @Vader & @SidVicious had school day flashbacks to take the rope slow and steady. @Swami showed off his one armed smoke and mirrors approach. @SoloCup was brought to his knees by this simple string with handles – #Kyrptonite! YHC and @Swami were nearly in tears. On a positive note though, @SoloCup looked to have a 38″ vertical.
  4. The Harrisburg Food Pantry is in desperate need of food donations. Hand off donations to @SoloCup.
  5. @Swami mentioned that Bags in Burg is coming up. If there are two F3 teams, a tent at the event is free. See @Swami for details.

Keep pushing – Clueless

7 thoughts on “Can you spot the kryptonite?

  1. SoloCup

    #JumpRopeIsForGirls and anyone who is good at it is suspect.

    @Clueless, I am grateful for all that you offered to the group, this past year. Your leadership is an example to us all.

    Thank you

    1. Clueless Post author

      You bet pal. Glad to be a part of a great group.

      In turn, thanks for your 2 years of leadership in moving things forward with new initiatives and willingness to step up on numerous varying tasks.

    2. Helga

      Ha @SoloCup! #JumpRopeIsForGirls – I guess that is why they call me Helga. You just need to get a song in your head and focus on a fix point while jumping. Soon you will #conqueryourkryptonite

  2. Helga

    Happy 1 year @Clueless! Great workout today – couldn’t believe how quickly the time went by this morning! The station rotation was excellent. Thanks for your leadership!

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