A grouchy Q, a bunch of whining, and really really poor math

14 men from the surrounding areas of Tradition showed up today not knowing what was in store for them…but then the Q realized that he didn’t even know what was in store for the PAX due to poor math skills and the fatigue that comes with finishing a 12 pack of beatdowns.

So the idea was that we would group up into teams of 4 and attempt a 4000 rep challenge for each team. It really sounded awesome in my head when I was thinking it up and planning it out, but then when execution time came, it just turned into a giant dumpster fire.

There were some teams of 3 and some of 4 and lots of confusion. So it became an on the fly beatdown that still sucked, but was not what YHC had in mind.

Here is what it actually looked like:



Short mosey (Side note here…its amazing how early mumble-chatter starts on certain days. I always like to contribute myself but when you Q and it happens it always gives you a good appreciation for the joy that comes from mumble-chatter)



Windmill IC*15

Cotton Picker IC*15

Arm Circles

Michael Phelps


The teams were split up, the instructions were given, the Q realized his instructions wouldn’t work, the Q realized he was taking too long trying to figure out how to fix the problem, the Q went with something similar to what was originally

In your groups, complete the following exercises back to back without stopping, but the group completes the reps together:

KB Swings

Dutch Cucumbers

Sumo Squats

High Pulls

LBC’s with KB

Most groups (I think?) completed 25 reps of each exercise and then moved on. The goal (after all of the confusion) was for each member of the group to complete 200 reps of each exercise (which would be 8 sets of 25 reps of each). Halfway through this, thats when the whining started to get turned up to a level that I can’t express in words because I don’t have 3 year old children. So to try and combat this, the Q brought everyone back in together for a big circle of pain that consisted of the same thing we were just doing. YHC thought that having everyone together would help the situation, but all it did was allow for a greater forum for whining and mumble-chatter to take place. So in the circle of pain we did:

25 KB Swings

25 Dutch Cucumbers Each arm

25 Sumo Squats

15 High Pulls

10 High Pulls (shoutout to @Gangsta’sParadise for pointing out this equals 25 total)

50 LBC’s with KB

We then took a mosey out to prosperity to the front right corner of the church. We stopped there and the chatter was continuous. I have never heard so many comments about a little run (thats right, Coyote just said LITTLE run!). #annoyedQ

Get back with your groups for a few sprints.

YHC’s group was first for an AYG from the front right corner of the church to the dumpster. Foolishly, YHC forgot he was working out with 7 year olds who didn’t think that after the first group ran, the second group should then run. #tiredandannoyedQ

Once YHC announced that the other groups should run, they did. One more AYG sprint from the dumpster to the playground, then meet back at the bells for a little Mary. #verytiredandannoyedQ=RABIDCOYOTE!!!!!


Pretzel Crunches IC*50




1. I have seen pictures and the footage of the Hindenburg going down, but never before have I felt like I lived that out in real life. Today changed that!

2. We were halfway done as a group with the challenge when the whining got to a point to where the Q didn’t want to have to deal with it anymore and I’m confident that we could have made it if more energy was put into throwing that bell around! We will be trying this again, maybe I’ll just bring a mathematician with me to help.

3. Regardless, today still sucked and its always fun yelling at the PAX!

4. YHC was grouchy and cranky this morning. I need a nap.

5. Regardless of how much YHC felt like he was leading a group of 2.0’s this morning, everyone still pushed hard so great work this morning!

6. Shoutout to @KingLouie and @GhettoD for the sprints! King Louie was strong and Ghetto D still has some fuel in the afterburners! #respect

Always love leading a beatdown, even on days like today!



16 thoughts on “A grouchy Q, a bunch of whining, and really really poor math

      1. The Farm

        Do I know good CPAs? Sure! Do I know any that would’ve actually helped with the counting instead of adding to the mumblechatter. Nah!!!

        1. Dingo

          It may or may not have been the Q that was acting like a 3 year old 😉


          1. Coyote Post author

            Considering the fact that I know that you were the one probably leading the charge of not running on our first sprint, I don’t think I was the canine being childish today 🙂

  1. GentleGrizzly

    Thanks for enduring the Mumble Chatter this morning Coyote, it was thick. It would have been close to get in all 200 reps of each exercise. I think it was almost 6:00 when our we stopped and went back to the big circle. Our group was halfway done so another 100 reps of each would have been tough. Either way it still sucked this morning and thanks for pushing us.

    And what the heck was that with the 50 IC pretzel crunches. #angryQ

  2. Dingo

    I guess I must have been still half asleep, as I didn’t notice the whining. Was honestly a little surprised when you called us all into a big group. Our group had just modified the rep count and was ready to knock out the second half!

    After that I may or may not have had a lot of fun with the angry Q 😉

  3. Trail Mix

    We may not have gotten in the 4000 reps, but we all got what we came for – a thorough beatdown, and a few good laughs. Nice job Coyote! I will keep in mind that an effective way to quiet a rowdy pax is with wind sprints and 50 IC of any mary exercise…

    It was either @Maximus or @GP in our group of 3 that figured 34 was the magic number of reps… 34 reps of high pulls got old fast…

  4. Dingo

    Did I mention that the group of @Shawshank, @ribshack, @pongo and I completed THE MOST Reps of any group this morning!! Good work men!

  5. Man Down

    This is one of the funniest backblasts I’ve read. I’m literally laughing out loud at my office right now! Guess I really should be seeing patients, but I couldn’t resist getting online to see what was here. #alwaysa2.0atheart

  6. Maximus_MECA

    @coyote – you have a lot of skill being a professional trainer and all. In my opinion, you could also have a great career in marketing. Who else would have their lead in sentence to a beatdown be that your small group will do FOUR THOUSAND REPS!! That is thinking big! Way to go for thinking big, even if the details drifted a tad. @Trail Mix, @gansta and I counted by reps of 34 and were at the thousand mark when time was called – so great job @gansta and @trail mix in pushing me to do my part; 333 reps. Not bad for a Friday morning in Paradise (aka – Stonebridge parking lot). Lastly – good move @mandown in moving your group to dry land.

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