“That’s why I drink Budweiser”

Pax of Six showed up to get stronger but found ourselves to be Q-less, watchless & generally on our own.

As we watched not wistfully as @Coyote, his Call of Duty hardware & the rest of the Cruise prance away, we took off on an adventure of our own & found that sometimes a Pot Luck can be a good thing.

With Maximus & Sensei leading the way:

Warmup- Sensei

Mosey around the church to the Outback. King Louie had enough of spectatorship & decided to join in.

(15/16 ea of) SSH, Windmills, IST, Mericans

Pot Luck of Cinder Block Fun- Maximus & Pax

(10/12/15 ea of)

Curls, Overhead Press, Sumo Squat, Tricep Ext. Crossover Mericans on Blocks, Outhouse Curls


Overhead Press, Sumo Squat, Chest Press, Hold Out Swings, Block Burpees, Fast Step Ups


Curls, Partner Back to Back Passes, Overhead Press, I don’t remembers, Derkins, Teapots

Mosey to & up the hill & back

3 more I don’t remembers, Mason Twist with Block, Block Mericans, Double Block Shrugs/ Mericans

Put Blocks back & Mosey back to Mary



See Cruise Backblast……….oh, Dingo didn’t bother to write anything about Mary……….so……..(but #8 is great)

Pot Luck of Mary also starting with Sensei, Pharoah & Man Down (might have missed one)

LBC’s, Low Flutters (high speed), Crunchy Frogs (might have missed one)



1. To know about the Maxiumus & his Budweiser you’d have to show to know.

2. Good work by all. Can’t hide as well in smaller groups; good to hang out with you guys this morning!

3. @Sensei- your form with the virtual block was amazing! And your comment about “We don’t NEED new exercises” was awesome!

4. @ Soundwave & @Shawshank- great creativity, like doing new things!

5. @KingLouie- strong work out there, you definitely set the pace & didn’t even miss a beat when crowned the other King.

6. @Soundwave- thanks for running back for your phone & keeping time. We might still be there…..

10 thoughts on ““That’s why I drink Budweiser”

  1. RibShack Post author

    We were short on Weinkes this morning so sound off if I missed anything or anyone.

  2. King Louie

    I think we’re missing a set of skull crushers or lat raises. We also had cinder block burpees. And we also did W’s in the Mary… I remember this mainly because Farm complained about some bent knees, and I told him some people used cursive!

    Speaking of being crowned king. This was yet another morning of being late due to a last minute need of being… King of the Porcelain before going to F3!

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Nice write-up @Rib Shack. Thanks all for a fun, low-key people’s Q. Workeda variety of muscles. I forget what I said about Budweiser – but I must have been in a good mood to be thinking about it.

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    nice work guys. Sorry no one signed up to Q this morning. Looks like you guys had it under control.

    1. RibShack Post author

      I guess if one of us had signed up we’d have had a Q! (yes, I said it before Dingo did)

  5. Maximus_MECA

    @dingo – you don’t miss anything! Glad u like he way I talk and type.

    @dicktracy – we missed you this morning. Like 15 guys went off running and only 6 were left for Iron Fist!

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