Millstream Triple Peaks Strikes Again

13 lucky pax leaped out of the FS this morning and conducted an assault on Mt Millstream.  All involved also experienced some deja vu which I predict may happen again next wed….

The Thang:

  1. 3.5 mi pre-run on Millstream for those that were interested.  Then off to HCES.
  2. HCES to top of Millstream.  Run down and up three times.  That my friends in the Millstream Triple Peak segment on Strava.
  3. Back home.

The Naked Millstream Skin:

  1. Week one the pax threw stones at me when I announced the route.  Week 2, the pax signed in resignation.  Week 3, there was excitement, hooting & hollerin.  Goes to show you that the mental component of hills is significant.  Hopefully we will all look at our weekly Strava climb metrics and take some confidence into the real mountains come BRR.
  2. I was certainly not feeling peppy this morning out there, but of bunch of you guys were!  J-Lo leading the merry band up and down the hills.
  3. Seeing J-Lo’s performance led others to wonder out loud if they should switch legs with him.  Only to be slapped down by the fact that J-Lo is not on this persons team.  Sorry.  Team configuration is locked but leg configuration inside the teams is not.
  4. Great to see guys running in their vests and with lights.  Train how you race.  I have a scab from a hydration belt related lesson learned from last week.  Glad I learned it now rather than deal with it for 32 hrs at the BRR.
  5. Here is the Triple Peaks Leaderboard: .  I believe J-Lo snatched 1st place from Frodo this morning.  Oh the drama.
  6. Here is the F3 Nation run club on Strava if you are not part of that: .  Not sure if you can join or if someone has to invite you.  I could invite you – just let me know.

11 thoughts on “Millstream Triple Peaks Strikes Again

  1. The Nanny Post author

    I am starting to get nervous for when the BRR is over. What will I do to get my motivation to get out there and slay some hills? Will I ever run a hill again? Stay tuned.

    Great work this morning. I hope you are breaking down performance barriers each time you are out there putting in the vertical work.

    Monday Aug 31st is the next and final running of #Bonesaw which happens in NoDa. Only about 10 minutes further than El Dorado. That is the best vertical bang for my buck I have found. Here is the Strava segment leaderboard:

  2. Grinder

    TClaps to @Nanny for being on top of the F3Run leader board in the elevation department this week. Have you been riding the escalator at the mall again?

  3. Pavarotti

    Pavarotti present….physically….partially mentally….with vest….reflective, not weight.

    1. The Nanny Post author

      doh! I could not remember that last name in my rush from one meeting to the next with a BB posting in between. Sorry pal!

  4. Kato

    Repeating this route weekly has been cool in that, via Strava, I’m able to draw a weekly quantifiable comparison. Graphs, data, etc. show we’re getting faster. That’s good stuff.

    The other cool thing about the route is that we all stay (pretty much) together. You get to see everyone throughout the run. It’s like running on a track without the boredom of running on a track.

    The thing that sucks about it is, well, running up and down hills for the whole thing. But, I’m somehow starting to dig the challenge of it all. Even in the midst of sore legs, I’m looking forward to getting back out there to see if I can improve my time. Not in a “J-Lo wants to beat Frodo” kind of way…but in my own little “see if I can do a little better” way.

    I think I might miss doing this route once we’re past the BRR 🙂 Thanks Nanny for making us do it weekly.

  5. Pox

    ‘the cool thing is we stay together’ – that’s because those who know better than to run with Frodo and the Nanny (and others) gave up on the cruise and started going to skywalker on Wednesday. Lucky for them Pox showed up this am, so perhaps they will be back to the cruise once the BRR is over!

    1. The Nanny Post author

      Oh man would you hate the Triple Peak route! I wish you would show up just so I could hear how much you hated it. Once we go flat again, I hope to see an aerobically focused Pox back at the Cruise. We have all speeds you know….

      1. The Nanny Post author

        oh…I have it….the thing that will get you here….let’s push a yellow mazda up Millstream!

  6. Pox

    How about I come next week and drive the pox van up and down millstream to recreate race conditions

    1. Kato

      We can offer better than that. We’re in need of another driver for the BRR team. You can drive the Pox van for the real deal.

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