Golf Course Cruise

10 men came out to Cruise today.  Some were prepared, some were not…..(The Farm)…….Apparently it is just too much effort to walk 10ft back to his car to get his headlamp.  We put up with his complaining for a few seconds, and then someone wedgied him and all was good in the world gain.

Simple route this morning.  Get on the golf course and run.  We covered about 3.5 miles on the golf course and then finished off the four around the Tradition AO.

4.0 miles total

The “OMG The Ground Is Cool” moleskin;

  1. T-Claps to Triple Threat who has committed to becoming a runner and is well on his way!  Great work man!  The climb to 4 miles is not an easy one, but one you get there, the world is your playground!!  #keeppounding
  2. T-Claps to R2D2 also!  Keep posting brother, it will get easier!
  3. Thanks @Coyote for watching the 6 this morning.  Always good to give back a little of what is given to us!
  4. Not sure what @Pharoah ate for breakfast?  But he was determined to run at the speed of light all morning!  Maybe it was the headlamp he was wearing…..#tryingtokeepupwiththelight
  5. Great 2ndF this morning!
  6. I enjoyed the change of scenery, though I couldn’t see much of it….
  7. Next week The Cruise will leave from the new AO The Valley!


3 thoughts on “Golf Course Cruise

  1. The Farm

    Yeah I didn’t see the headlamps until we were already on the sidewalk. I didn’t want to hold up progress! That was my first time being back there. I remember reading about you guys doing it one other time…can’t believe we didn’t run that more often!

    I’m excited and nervous about The Valley cruise next week…will definitely wear my headlamp!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    First, you forgot Man Down and yourself in the list. Silly Master Q.

    Second, it was a fun route this morning. Thanks to @Pharaoh and @Man Down to lighting the path this morning. I hope to find my headlamp one of these days. I bet that my daughter, Ellie, has it stashed in her room. She likes to horde things.

    T-claps to @Triple Threat and @R2D2. That was an up and down run today and pretty dark and you guys just keep moving. Impressive showing.

    T-claps to @Coyote. You are definitely becoming a runner brother.

    Enjoyed the 2ndF today as well. Sounds like @Pharaoh had a great experience in Honduras. Would love to talk to you more about it.

  3. Cinder Block

    Not my best showing this morning. Needed the 2nd F to keep me going. Glad we only have 6 this weekend!

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