Breaking All the Rules

19 ventured out to The Ridge. We even had a dingo and a coyote leave their natural habitat up in Tradition. Unfortunately, none of the 19 had a clue what was in store, so it went something like this….

Mosey across the lot to the first intersection and circle up
Mericans x10
No, Chaos, you didn’t miss Side Straddle Hops.
Windmill x10
No, SoloCup, we’re still not doing Side Straddle Hops. Yes, I’m breaking protocol.

Continue down Raging Ridge Rd to HRMS entrance
Air Squats x10
Something Else x10

Move on to the HRMS bus lot
CDDs x10
LBCs x15

Around the back of the school to my favorite sidewalk (~100yards, downhill to the practice field….really needs a name)
Single file until everyone is in the chute, then Bear Crawl down until the first guy gets to the bottom.
Dips x10
Incline Mericans x10
Turnaround and Lunge Walk up the sidewalk until the first guy gets to the top
Dips x10
Incline Mericans x10
Turnaround and Bear Crawl back down, then head out to the field.

Partner up and get on the sideline. P1 runs across the field and back while P2 does an exercise. Switch and repeat until the combined reps are done…
100 Mericans
100 Air Squats
200 LBCs

AYG straight up the hill, then over to the field behind HRMS with the Mecklenburg-esque landscaping
Hand Release Mericans x25

Back out in front of the school, for a series of sprints to get back to the launch point. Overall, we probably sprinted between .5 and .75 miles, with some exercises in between, including Low Flutters x25, Hand Release Mericans x25, LBCs x25

Circle up back at the cars for Mary
Mason Twist x15 (Escalade)
Freddy Mercurys x15 (Helga)
Reverse Crunches x15 (Dingo)

COT (SoloCup takes us out)

1. No Side Straddle Hops; no actual workout plan; per SoloCup, the 50 Hand Release Mericans were “excessive” and according to “I’m training for a marathon” Dingo, our sprints were too long and there was too much running to call it a bootcamp workout. Apparently there are a lot of rules I missed this morning.

2. Thanks for playing along anyway…sometimes you just have to wing it.

3. Always great to have visitors. Sounds like Dingo and Coyote have been doing a little traveling lately. I’d encourage everyone to visit another AO every once in a while – you get to meet some of your MeCa brothers, maybe pick up some new workout ideas and overall, variety helps keep you going over the years!

4. Rumor is our wayward son, Ribshack, says we don’t sweat at our workouts….or maybe he just didn’t work very hard. Nothing but love, Ribshack.

5. Good to have Posh back and nursing a knee injury. Looking strong out there!

6. Two quick announcements: the Harrisburg Food Pantry is in dire need of supplies. SoloCup will collect any donations at upcoming workouts. Also, stay tuned for details on a Flash Mob 5k. It’s free, generally in the University area and has some good prizes. The location is revealed only a few days before the race.

Pax tibi,

15 thoughts on “Breaking All the Rules

  1. Posh :p

    Been awhile since I been out but I strangely remember that @Gamma did not like “running” in his workouts. 😛
    Great lead this morning and thanks for the burn. Loved the reference to the Meck Turf.

  2. Coyote

    Great workout this morning Gamma!

    Loved being able to see what you guys are up to and the huge group you guys have! Definitely will have to come back…provided you forget what sprints are so we don’t have to do that again!

  3. SoloCup

    @Gamma, like i tell the warehouse guys at work, procedures are put in place for a reason.

    I am consistently amazed that you can remember enough of these “on the fly” workouts to put into the Back Blast and really liked the sprints at the end as well.

    @TheMagnificent, I enjoyed partnering with you today brother.

    Yup, @RibShack never broke a sweat in Harrisburg. #HairyBackMafia

  4. Othello

    If @Ribshack did the exercises “correctly” he probably would have sweat more. Ever wonder why he was always in front of the pack? So no one could see him skip do half ass merkins 🙂

    @Gamma-good stuff today! Sprints at the end were the best! I too am amazed at the workouts you can create on the fly. Amazing!

    @SSminnow-great partnering! I appreciate the push.

  5. Gamma Post author

    Thanks all. In the interest of full disclosure, the secret to those partner/cumulative exercises is teaming up with a strong one….and @Finnegan was killing, so I had enough left in the tank for sprints. So putting that all together, the sprints were @Finnegan’s fault!

    @SoloCup – I’m all about procedures, until they don’t fit what I want to do. Any job openings at your warehouse?

    @Posh – I like running as little as you do, but I still remember you consistently way out in front of me on those Sunday runs. What’s wrong with us?!?

    1. SoloCup

      What, half ass doing the same three exercises over and over again doesn’t make us stronger!?! I’ve got to step up my Windmill game…

      I’ll check on the job openings, but those warehouse guys work to hard for my taste.

      Forgot to mention @NetFlix giving it 110% today…he showed an awful lot of #NoQuit today.

  6. Dingo

    Thanks for having us Harrisburg! Ive always visited on Saturdays, so presumed you would be at Harrisburg Park today. I was very impressed with the AO today! Big and loads of options!!

    Firstly I must defend @RibShack……He never said what I said he said… fabrication on my part…..

    Good beatdown @Gamma! Lots of stuff in there sucked. Hand release merkins suck……bear crawls down hill suck…..sprinting sucks……

    Good to see everyone! Great group of guys, I always enjoy a visit.

    One last thing……@magnificient is freakin fast!! We definitely need to have a MeCa sprint off! He may be the fastest I’ve seen! Thats a challenge for @Mario & @Pavorotti and @Stoli

    1. Othello

      @Dingo – don’t worry about @Ribshack – he is a big boy and can take it. You should hear what he says about you! #kidding. Looking forward to seeing that guy post again with us one day.

  7. Coyote

    Would love for you guys to come out to a KB workout over at Tradition! Let me return the favor of today’s beatdown on Friday!

  8. Clueless

    Nice mix this morning @Gamma. Enjoyed it!

    @Casper – thanks for the partner up… solid work.

    Also enjoyed seeing some Tradition guys. Sounds like there’s an #Anchorman style throw-down in the works… sprints, KB’s, and tridents.

  9. SSMinnow

    @Gamma … tough seat-of-the-pants workout….there’s not cheating on hand-release merkins, and there were plenty of those…..sprints were tough too

    Good to see @Coyote and @Dingo from across the divide

  10. escalade

    Picked a tough day to start back up. Great lead Gamma.

    Good to meet Hong Kong Phooey. I’m just going to have to say KP.. That’s too long of a name.

    The Anchorman… That could be a workout… Nice call Clueless.

  11. RibShack

    Well dang, I just feel the love, feels like home. Almost missed all this. Thanks for all the call outs, even @Othello. Miss you guys.

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