Keep It Simple Stupid

15 men showed up on time and one came based on the sun. How he does that, I don’t know. But it doesn’t seem to work too well so I really don’t care to know.


Call went out out earlier in the week that a Q was needed.  YHC happily obliged but promised it would be mindless as he was in no shape to think.  There were no footballs, frisbees, or other cute objects. Just a hill and a series of exercises that were knocked out together.


The Thang


After a short mosey to the middle of the football field, we got loose while we looked around for our lost friend who was nowhere to be found.  Since the little guy was AWOL, we carried on and went for a stroll down Heartrate Hill to see what we could accomplish.  A three man grinder ensued.


With no Weinke, a loose plan, and several audibles, we wound up doing something like this as we ran up and down our favorite hill…


100ish Burpees/Derkins

200ish Reverse Lunges/CDD

300ish Merkins/Step Ups

400ish LBC/Monkey Humpers


A bilingual PG-13 Mary then ensued.  There was even some Spanglish and talks of not so Mexican music.  Alanis Morissette has to be 1/4 something.  Did I hear a 9’er?


Exhausted Brain-dead Moleskin


  • Good to be back at the helm today.  Been too long.  Thanks for the opportunity.
  • I have no clue if brain-dead is truly hyphenated but that’s what the little red line keeps telling me.
  • Hope everyone got a decent workout. Goal was to keep everyone moving and keep heart rate up.  Nothing fancy or creative.  Just you v. you.
  • Not sure what was happening with Magnificent & Uneasy during the Monkey Humpers and @Bull’s  #J-Lo.  Those two seemed to be enjoying themselves way too much and were unable to hold a proper plank afterwards.  Hope they weren’t allowed to ride home together.
  • Speaking of which…some weak MH form out there today.  Per @T-Bone, looked like a bunch of married men.
  • Has to be one of the worst smelling group of men I’ve ever been around.  Good grief.
  • @BBQ – best of luck with #LBG tonight.


On the couch with the FitBit…



4 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Stupid

  1. Gamma

    Strong lead. That may have been the most entertaining Mary in a while.

    Looks like it’s @Bull’s or @BBQ’s turn to Q…

  2. SunDial

    My Sun Dial was mis-calibrated today. My apologies – I was late to the Bull Run, which pushed everything back.

    Strong lead, Hootie. Some tough work out there. Strongest effort by Netflix I’ve seen from him..keep it up!

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