The “Improv” Q

Late last night(8:30 or so) YHC gets a communicative message from The Jelly Forgotten… deciphered like this…”Hey, I need a little help, so any chance you could take my Q at Precinct tomorrow; I’ll buy you two(2) Beers the next time out for this kind gesture??”. So, I said of course, I’ll help a brother out anytime he’s going to owe me beers in return for doing so!  So moving on through night YHC spent HOURS thinking of how this morning’s beatdown at the Precinct was going to go, and ended up going something like this….

Disclaimer: No Professional Planning took place in the making of what’s about to happen…     Warm Up: Mozy down Katelyn towards the Church Rd for                                                               –SSH x 13                                                                                                                                                   -IST x  13                                                                                                                                                  – Windmill x 13                                                                                                                                           -Slow Squat x 12 or 13 or 14(Trail Mix led)

The Thangs:                                                                                                                                           – Merkin/Derkin Ladder on Median Grass Hump.  1-10 starting with Merkins x1→Bear Crawl Over hill→Derkins x10                                                                                                                                     -Mozy to @Traditions Pull Up and Dip Bars for 1-Minute Reps + Hang/Hold in Place                           -Team Up with Traditions and @Bloodsports Virgin Bootcamp Q for some 4 Corners of Pain like this….

1. Diamond Merkins x 30   1.2 Wide Merkins x 30

2. Mountain Climbers x 30  2.2 Bobby Hurleys x 30

3. Low Flutters x 30            3.2  Supermans x 30

4. Burpees x 10                  4.2 Burpees x 10

—–Precinct said our Goodbyes and I love you’s to the Tradition Brothers and Headed back for some Peoples Mary; NOT TO FORGET, THIS IS WHERE MAN DOWN MUST HAVE BECOME A LITTLE HOMESICK SO HE DECIDED TO JOIN US ON OUR MOZY-WAY BACK 

Peoples Mary:   15 Reps of Anything!                                                                                                     -LBC x 15                                                                                                                                                –Squirm x 16(some people don’t listen)                                                                                                   -Stretch Count x 15 secs each position                                                                                                   -Homer to Marge Circle Lirk                                                                                                                     -Elbow Plank by 15 Looooooooooooooooooooong Count

The Morning Moleskin: 

Thanks PAX and especially @Trail Mix for the So-So Partner Q. Thanks for the Opportunity @Jelly to throw something together this morning to lead the Men. We miss you to @Man Down when you’re not around, actually, no, not this morning… You could’ve stayed with Tradition after pulling that Plank Stunt during Mary. My Elbows hurt!!!  Aye Soldiers, sound off below….


15 thoughts on “The “Improv” Q

  1. Prison Fruit Post author

    Where’s all the Precinct brothers at?? 4 men this morning + Man Down showing up later does not seem like much. Especially when Temp and Humidity are at a nice workout level! What’s going on out there??

  2. Trail Mix

    Nice fill-in prison fruit – you didn’t mention you were getting beer out of this deal… I like how Bloodsport had us doing 60+ mericans AFTER you already had us doing that merican ladder. That sucked.

          1. Prison Fruit Post author

            Jelly let’s keep it cool here… You missed F3 Dads and the Cookout last Saturday… Then You backed out of your beatdown this morning. Who knows what’s next; The least you could do is buy us all a few Beers now. I think it’s a good deal

          2. Forgotten Jelly

            @Prison Fruit-I didn’t see you at the run Saturday morning or the run yesterday?

  3. Man Down

    Thanks for letting me tag along during the last part of today’s workout. Those planks were fun, eh? 🙂
    Switchback, great job with the regular posting brother! Are you even reading these?
    I second above question…where are all the Precinct pax??? We all know why Iron Wolf wasn’t there. He thought the Flash Mob 5k was at 6:30 in the AM, so he saved his strength…only to arrive at an empty lot. That sucks…and is hilarious!

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