Cruise: Millstream Triple Peak

14 pax showed up to #TheCruise thinking “surely we won’t do Millstream since Nanny Q’ed it last week…”  To their dismay, after checking the SignUpGenius last night and seeing it wide open, I jumped on it at about 9PM and went to bed with dreams of running on the clouds the next morning.

The Thang:

  1. HCES to top of Millstream.
  2. Run down and up it either 2 or 3 times.
  3. Top of Millstream back to HCES
  4. The group that did 3 peaks got in 5.5 miles and 530 feet of climb.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Train how you race gentleman.  In that spirit YHC showed up shirtless wearing a Nathan Streak running vest decked out with two lights; one in front and one in back.  I received the verbal abuse I fully expected.  Also got a Chip n Dale callout from Stoli along the route.  Just wait till I get with my people at the BRR.  You shirt wearers will be the odd men out then.  Except for the daytime legs b/c who wants to wear sunblock while running:(
  2. It was most certainly easier today than last Wednesday.  Not sure if our bodies are more in shape or our minds.  Either way it felt good to knock that out and be able to run back w/o looking for an ambulance like last week.
  3. Did you know that in Strava you can create “segments” and when any Strava user runs it, it logs your performance against all others that have done it?  Well the segment from the traffic circle to Legolas is called the Millstream CCP (Clarke Creek Prkwy) and the leaderboard is a who’s who of F3 Highlands.  This morning J-Lo, Nighthawk, Nanny, Stoli, Frodo, and Shazam all jumped up the board to 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9th place out of 41 people that have run it.  Check it out here:
  4. By the way…to those wondering what the grade of Millstream is…  Strava says it is 6% going from the traffic circle to Legolas.
  5. STRONG performance today from J-Lo and Nighthawk from gun to tape.  I was kind of hoping the 9 man team could catch and run with the 12 man team for part of the BRR, but these guys may make that nothing more than a pipe dream.
  6. Strong performance from Chavez as well.  He held third place through the second summit before allowing a pass.
  7. Chopper continues to be the most run happy man in Highlands who is not doing the BRR.  I am truly bummed he can’t join us.  Would be a great running asset and would keep our driver awake all through the night….and into the next day.
  8. Got to hear all about Skipper’s Big Adventure to Boston which included F3 posts, city training runs, and even a 9K street race.  He shared that during his other trip to Wilmington that those guys do a 100 count in cadence on low flutter.  Uh oh.  Time to step up our game.  The bar just went up.
  9. J-Lo you can send your insurance specialist co-pay of $50 to my home address.  I’ll split it with Kato.  Hopefully some of those tips help you conquer the Shin Splint Specter.
  10. Shazam.  I really hope Chavez at least cleared all the hair out of the drain.
  11. Pavarotti.  You came so close by wearing the Nathan vest this morning.  Next time you got to lose the shirt.  You can’t chaf the nips if your vest conveniently does not provide coverage over them anyway.

4 thoughts on “Cruise: Millstream Triple Peak

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Can’t wait to run this again next week. Look at your Strava stats and plan to beat it next week.

  2. Kato

    Whoohoo! We get to do it again next week. I remember walking up Millstream the first couple of times I encountered it on cruise workouts.

    Skipper: Thanks for hanging out to run with the 6 on the way back. I appreciated the company.

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