Are you ready for some football?

21 Faithful F3 Brothers joined up at #TheRidge this morning for a football inspired beat down. With NFL training camps in full swing and the colleges and high schools ramping up, YHC is ready to watch football… or throw the pigskin around a little. So, here’s what we did:

Warmup: Mosey a bit, #Disclaimer, SSH IC x15, Windmill IC x10, IST IC x10, Plank walk cross-over merkin (with football if you had it) OYO x5 each side.

Thang (after some explaining & confusion) – 5 groups of 4 (or 5) working through 5 Stations on a 6-7 minute rotation cycle:

  1. QB post pass to WR – QB (dragon walk to Center), Center (bear crawl to WR), WR post pattern catch (sprint to cheer leader), Cheer Leader (SSH’s until WR hands off ball then backwards run to Center and takeover at QB).
  2. Four Corners – crab walk to first corner, shuffle to next corner, crawl bear to next corner, shuffle to starting corner
  3. High Knee Tires – 10 yd sprint into high knee tires, 10 yd sprint to 5 diamond merkins, lunge walk w/ football pass through back to start
  4. 40 yd shuttle sprint – group split 40 yds apart, one runner sprints w/ football to other side and hands off to next runner. Air squats for others waiting to sprint
  5. Reverse Indian Run w/ football handoff – first runner in line sprints to catch the back of the line for a hand off, ball is handed up the line to the front for the next runner to take off.

Mary: X’s and O’s until group 5 returned from putting away the tires.



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and the willingness to play along this morning. Strong effort by all!
  2. Thanks to group 5 (and another) for putting away the tires! YHC wanted to keep those that needed to cut out at 6:15 on schedule. The plan was to circle back afterwards for cleanup, but you guys picked up the extra credit.
  3. As @Othello pointed out… a little tough to catch a black ball in the gloom. The completion % definitely increased as the # of attempts increased (along w/ the rising sun). @Othello cleaning out the garage and handing over some footballs got the mind churning on putting together a football themed workout.
  4. The varying sizes of those tires made them a little tricky… the sprinklers only helped the matter.
  5. Thought for the day – Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t take yourself too seriously, and have some fun. A saying from a wise old friend of mine… “1.3 billion Chinese folks don’t care what you’re doing”.

Keep pushing – Clueless


2 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. Clueless Post author

    Great partnering with you @Casper, @Othello, @SoloCup, & @ShortCircuit! I put a call into the Panthers Director of Player Personnel and sent him our ‘Go-Pro’ footage from this morning. Here are his comments:
    @Othello – great hands and speed, bad eyes… may end up tackling his own players… possible fullback
    @SoloCup – great dragon walk, but may get tripped up going through the line as evidenced by the tire work… concerned with offense options… possible safety w/ backpedal speed
    @Casper – great receiver (he saw the rib tweak)… scared about possible IR concerns with exposing ribs to catch over the middle… possible end around trick play specialist
    @ShortCircuit – great size for WR and long legs tire work was great for high stepping would-be tacklers… likened you to Randy Moss (but without the speed)… possible goal line float pass to corner of end zone specialist
    @Clueless – really bad eyes and kind of soft… strong option at waterboy or carrying the coaches headset cord

    He said we were all old as dirt and better stick to our day jobs. Sorry boys, an NFL career is not in our future.

  2. Othello

    Awesome lead again @Clueless! Football drills were definitely out of the box thinking and a ton of fun this morning. Next Railyard we should have a little flag football session? Looking forward to the broga-stretch tomorrow, oh yeah, BTW, I’m Qing.

    @Solocup, @Casper, @ShortCircuit – strong work men, proud to be part of your group!

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