One and Done

6 Harrisburg strongmen pushed themselves to their limit the old fashioned way – lift until you can’t lift no more.

Readers’ Digest version of the #disclaimer was given, then warm-up.
SSH x10
Windmill x5
Mericans x5
Air Squats x5

Pair up. P1 does the exercise, while P2 runs to the next island, does 20 Mericans and runs back. Switch and repeat. The three running always moved together. Exercises were:
KB Halos
KB Sumo Squats
KB Triceps Extensions
KB Lawn Mowers (right)
KB Lawn Mowers (left)
KB Shoulder Presses (right)
KB Shoulder Presses (left)
KB Bent-over Rows
KB Bridged Chest Presses (right)
KB Bridged Chest Presses (left)
KB Hammer Curls
KB High Rows
KB Inclined Chest Presses

60 second break, then grab a bell 5-10lbs lighter than you’ve been using and do each exercise until muscle failure:
KB Chest Presses (two arms)
KB Hammer Curls
KB Triceps Extensions
KB Shoulder Presses (single arm)
KB Sumo Squats

LBCs w/KB on chest x20
Low Flutters w/KB pressed x20
Pretzel Crunches x10 each side
The W x10 (Othello)
Russian Twists (w/KB) x10 (Clueless)


Dead-arm Moleskin
1. Thanks for posting this morning. Like most workouts, never would have pushed myself that hard without you all there.
2. The KB exercises were bad enough, but adding in the 260 Mericans was rough, at least for YHC.
3. The “psshhh” from Clueless after calling out the Single-Arm-Shoulder-Press-to-Muscle-Failure is as about as close to a BS call as you’ll get from him. I’ll take it. Ok, so he may have just been laughing about the commercial where some meathead comes into a gym, gets all set up, does one rep and yells “Done!” But still, I’ll take it.
4. When Tumbler is looking for a 30#, you know he’s been pushing himself hard up to that point with his 45#.
5. Great pairing up with Finnegan. Had the “Sanford and Son” theme song going through my head the whole time. #gottashowtoknow
6. Strong work by Helga. Not sure if it’s the time off in Germany or the haircut, but he’s been refreshed and getting after it this week.

Pax Tibi,

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  1. Helga

    Great workout today @Gamma! Agreed on #1 being inspired to work out as harder. Trying to get back in shape after my stint in Germany so #itMustBeTheHaircut!

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