3 of Harrisburg’s gentlemen woke up for a 45 minute acceleration workout in humidity hell.  Okay, that’s blown a little bit out of proportion, but it was toasty.   I gave fair warning that the guys would probably hate me after the workout.  Anyway, Friday morning acceleration looked a little something like this:


800m mosey around the track

The Thang:


  • Sprint 100m, Mosey 100m
  • Sprint 200m, Mosey 200m
  • Sprint 300m, Mosey 300m
  • Sprint 400m, Mosey 400m
  • Sprint 500m, Mosey 500m
  • Sprint 600m, Mosey 600m
  • Sprint 700m, Mosey 700m
    • Planned to do 800m, but I wanted to make sure we got to the good stuff

Sprints with a little bleacher step ups

  • Set up 5 bleachers along the back 100 m straightaway about equal distance from one another (figured 5 fence post lengths).
  •  Objective: sprint to each bleacher and do 20 step ups on each leg.
  • The Goal: do 2-3 sets.  Reality: 1 and done.
  • Mosey back over to starting line. (Bull must have supersonic hearing because he thought he heard his phone ringing in his car on the way over to the start.  Good try, but you’re not missing out on your favorite…)

Bull’s Favorite, 100m sprint-50m back peddle

  • Completed 1 full lap around the track of 100m sprint, 50m back peddle

Watch reads 6:14.45.  And we didn’t even get to the Hostage Run…


  1. Great work this morning fella’s!  Got right at 3.5 miles of sprinting/moseying.
  2. Good push by Papa John their at the final stretch, took a little verbal encouragement to get that kick going.
  3. Bull absolutely loves back peddling!
  4. Hope everyone is racking in the miles for BRR, tclaps to Bull for coming in early to do 4 miles before the workout.
  5. If anyone wants to rack in some extra milage be sure to come out to the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church parking lot (one right before you enter Harrisburg Park) at 5am for some extra millage before the bull run at 6am.
  6. Happy Birthday to SS Minnow! Hope you have a fantastic day!

-Don’t run if you don’t know your walk


The Magnificent

1 thought on “IT’S A TRAPPP!!!

  1. SSMinnow

    @The Magnificent…that looks like an intense andbunique speed workout

    Thanks for the shout out…time does march on…..looking forward to many more workouts and runs with the Pax….hope to see you in the Rail Yard gloom

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