I told my wife “Today is about Pain”

28 Men!  Yes, 28 Men posted for BOMB today!  Raptor had the Q, but said he didn’t have access to the website.  After all the ammo provided today, I said I’d handle it for him!

We started with a little mosey and then we tried to begin the warm up, but our regular KB spot was far too small for this crowd, so we moved to a much larger section of the parking lot.  #newproblem

Warm up

  1. 15 x SSH
  2. 15 x IST
  3. 15 x Windmill
  4. Arm Circles
  5. Michael Phelps – But it was not Michael Phelps……
  6. Then the “Touch yourself” – Little embarrassed to do this one, but the Q is always right!

The Thang;

After a quick inspirational speech that involved waking up his wife at 4:30am and telling her about the pain he was going to inflict today, not sure if that was meant for us or her??  But after touching myself, I didn’t really care…..

4 Corners of Pain

Corner 1

  1. 15 x 1 arm KB swings
  2. 15 x Curls

Corner 2

  1. 15 x Goblet Squats
  2. 15 x Tricept Extenions (The Q wrote this all in chalk on the ground, I am not responsible for the spelling)

Corner 3

  1. 15 x Clean & Press
  2. 15 x Upright rows

Corner 4

  1. 15 x Derby double taps
  2. 8 x plank rows

When crossing from 2-3 and 4-1 do 20 x 1/2 getups


  1. LBC x 15
  2. Low flutter
  3. Mason Twist
  4. Teapot
  5. Homer to marge

The Moleskin;

  1. Thanks for leading Raptor!
  2. I was going to list all the craziness that occurred this morning, but changed my mind.  I’m gonna let the Pax sound off below!  Because their is just too much for me to remember.

22 thoughts on “I told my wife “Today is about Pain”

  1. Dingo Post author

    That was fun this morning! I really have to start making note of the guys who have flatulence problems and make sure I am not down wind from them…… You know who I am taking about!!

  2. The Farm

    Oh man, where to start. How has it been this long and the Q doesn’t have access to the site?! #virtualjellylube

    I was also laughing when we started and I hear @Buckwheat yell, “What are you doing Q?!” I looked up and Raptor is standing there watching us sans kettlebell. #clipboarding

    Michael Phelps = arm circles
    The “touch ourselves” = Michael Phelps?!

    Great having you back Raptor!

  3. Dingo Post author

    Also, don’t miss F3 Dads tomorrow! GAM will introduce us all to GLAM!! Can’t wait!!

  4. MrBelding

    @raptor- did you really say that to your wife this morning? We may call to verify.

    @kingjulian- how long did it take to spray on that shirt this morning? #redshadow…

    1. The Farm

      I heard him say, “My mom bought me this shirt!” and cringed. You do not say something like that in this group!

      1. MrBelding

        @thefarm would know after forgetting his shorts one morning!

        I think we may need to introduce the “shadow” line of F3 tradition gear – “gear so tight, it looks like it was sprayed on” – @kingjulian and @urlacher already have it.

  5. GAM

    Highlights for me today: Dingos wife thinks he is a 10…..Aussi Conversion Ration.

    Shawshank I believe asking KingJulian did he have a 5lb KB…He clarified that he asked did he Move up 5lbs. But I know what I heard.

    Overall Great beat down today guys. Glad to be a part of this group and continue to make progress.

  6. Coyote

    I’m so thankful for the audible to Lower Body Crunches instead of those get ups because those were KILLER!

    @GAM I don’t know what review process you are speaking of…it sounds to me like the name GLAM is set in stone and will live in infamy!!

    I think the mass confusion on when an exercise was actually starting was hilarious this morning! Never was sure if we were supposed to count in cadence or not!

  7. Gangsta's Paradise

    Tricept extenions was definitely one of the highlights this morning. Also, @Dingo – I’m not sure what flatulence you’re referring to? Pretty sure those were Australian barking spiders…

    @Raptor – nice beatdown! This was a killer, even though you kept saying begin after exercise #confusedpax #DingoactuallyneedstoleadQschool

    Loved seeing 28 Pax out there today!!

  8. Maximus_MECA

    @raptor – way to step up and lead! Great job! Entering the Pax arena is not easy. Your lead in about discussing with your wife the pain you will inflict on the PAX this am was very moving and motivational!

  9. RibShack

    Son’s F3 name is Riblet

    Can’t remember anything else; the mumblechatter was ON today!

  10. Man Down

    Since Raptor apparently can’t access the internet, Dingo should print this out and give it to him. That was a fun morning!

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