Iron Fist with a Truck Tire Twist

16( I think) for an Iron Fist w/ a Truck Tire Twist. We have some Big ol’ Tires from the Bear event, so YHC thought we could put them to good use. After a Dutch mosey— there is no running in Iron Fist ya know – we got to it… it went something like this.


Dutch mosey to back parking lot for:

SSH, ISW, PP, Supermans: x 12 IC.

off to the outback to grab some truck tires…. and some bricks

Partner up in groups of 3 or 4. Each group to to the following in Cadence ( or close to it),

Shoulder press to – High pulls to- curls – to step ups to CDD’s to Derkins x 8

Then roll tire to other end of the outback – each partner flip tire – do  burpee and get back in line for another tire flip–

Repeato x 3 – last round was with the insertion of brick in the tires- just to make it interesting… and more painfull

return tires and pick up bricks for a Jack Web progression 1:4

1: merkin then 4 air press w/ bricks… all the way up to 6 merks: 24 Air presses – nice work by all as the air was getting heavy… way to dig deep guys.

SEAL sit ups – 10 IC x2… had to show to know!

Walk back to pkg lot – there’s no running at Iron Fist – for some MARY

LBC – extended leg version, Mason Twist, Heel ups, Low Flutter, Circle Merks



Bald tire mole skin

Great to be a part of an energetic and energizing group of guys – lot of fun and mumble lifting and moving some bald tires today. hope you all got your moneys worth. Great numbers again, and keep posting guys – make it a habit and run it right into the fall and winter! Keep EH’ing your friends and sad clowns around you. Blessed to be a part of a solid group of guys.

As Iron sharpens Iron – so one man ( and men ) sharpens another~

8 thoughts on “Iron Fist with a Truck Tire Twist

  1. RibShack

    @Dutch- good stuff today. What happened to our cool morning? Humidity didn’t waste anytime at all coming out full force.

    Good working (keeping up) with @Buckwheat & @Shawshank today.

    Great (whoever said it) comment during the SEAL sit ups….”This is a CULT!!”

    1. Dingo

      I searched the lexicon for the #Dutchmosey…….couldn’t find it.

      Found it on Jillian Michaels

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like it was a good one @dutch. I’m surprised to see no comments about your wife and your shorts. Learning a lot of interesting things about you brother.

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout@Dutch. Very creative. It was I who said we looked like a “cult” as we interlocked arms and legs and in unison did sit-ups. Dutch keeps on coming up with new exercises – you have to hand it to him. And lastly his personal testimony that there is now less of him, goes well with his previous personal testimonials!

  4. Buckwheat

    First, great beatdown @Dutch, despite the fact that you don’t know the name(s) of half the exercises :-). That humidity was a BEAST this morning.

    Really liked the creativity and different uses of our new tractor tires!

    @RibShack- Pretty sure we were trying to keep up w/ you during the partner work!

    @Dutch, don’t get too loose in the waist, the M might not appreciate that. Glad you clarified that her only intent by reaching her hands down there was to see how much weight you’ve lost and not something else. Was a little jealous there at the beginning.

  5. MrBelding

    And did the disclaimer this morning say anything about contracting the west nile virus? Those tires were a disease playground for mosquitos.

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