I guess you could call this a….People’s Cruise?

YHC showed up today with a great route in mind for the cruise/mid-week marathon training run and thought the PAX would enjoy the route. This would have been true, if only YHC could have explained the route more clearly!

Here was the intended route which was completed by some who were able to understand the jumbled route explanation:

Right on Prosperity—-Cross 485 and turn right on Ridge—-Cross prosperity and turn right on Prosperity ridge road at the Ridge Apartments—-Cross back over 485 and then turn right at the Johnston Oehler roundabout—-Turn left onto Loganville—-Turn left onto prosperity—-Turn right onto Old timber (sowwy πŸ™‚ )—-Turn right onto prosperity—-Turn into the church

The Sweaty Achy Moleskin:

1. When YHC originally plotted this route on the footpath app, the distance came out to be about 5.2 miles. But the consensus from the group of @Pharaoh, @Dingo, @ForgottenJelly, and @BlindDate was it was only about 4.9-4.95 (depending on your device).

2. Major Tclaps to the 4 guys mentioned above! @Dingo completed his fastest 5 mile run to date! I’m not 100% sure that today was @Jelly’s fastest 5 miles ever but he was booking it! I didn’t get to hear from @BlindDate on how he finished up but I’m assuming it was right with those guys because you were pushing strong the whole time with them! And of course, HUGE Tclaps to the pace car @Pharaoh for pushing that group and giving them someone to chase! The BRR ain’t ready for you brother!

3. Shoutout to @Raptor and @TripleThreat for knocking out a tough 3.5 mile loop! Glad to see you guys out there running with us and keep coming back on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s!

4. @DraftDay strong showing today brother! I wasn’t able to find out from you how far you ran but when I ran into the parking lot you were drenched…GREAT SIGN! Keep coming out!

5. @R2D2 this was the first cruise I have ran with you and you were killing it man! Keep coming and come out on Saturday for the longer runs and then these midweek ones will be a breeze!

6. Special Tclaps go to @TheFarm for the #JellyLube of the day! Turned early on Ridge and didn’t do Old Timber?? Have you and @Jelly been hanging out too much?? Actually it says a lot about how strong you were going today when I wasn’t able to catch you to tell you that you were making a wrong turn! So even though you came up a little short today (and yes that is a height reference πŸ™‚ ) you were still MOVIN’!!!

7. I don’t think I missed anyone, but if so I apologize! And great run today!

8. A little personal testimony here. I think we can all agree that one of the best, if not the best, things about F3 is the brotherhood it creates and pushing your body to its limits with your brothers next to you. Well today I fell into no-mans-land where I wasn’t able to keep up with the group of @Pharaoh and those guys, but I ran the actual route…so staying with @TheFarm was out of the question! But as soon as I got to the point where I couldn’t see anyone else in front or behind me, the run started to really suck. It proves how strong you can be when you have brothers around pushing with you! The only way I was able to finish was because of the previous runs I had completed and thinking about the runs I had finished before with the help of my F3 brothers. So Tclaps to the guys in our Marathon Training group (@Dingo, @Jelly, @Pharaoh, @BlindDate, @Cinderblock, @ManDown, @TheFarm, @Urlacher) for pushing me, pulling me when necessary, and for the extra miles you guys get in when you swing back and pick me up! The progress I have seen is huge and I owe a lot of that to you guys!

9. MECA ON TAP!!!! Come out to Carolina Ale House tonight at 7PM to enjoy some of the sacrament with your F3 brothers from your AO and from others as well!

10. If you are a part of the healthy eating challenge, log in your weights DAILY!!!!!!! We want to see those numbers drop!!!

11. F3 Dads on Saturday (I can’t remember where, but ask @Dingo because he knows all!) and then the Tradition Pool Party from 11-3 at the Winchester pool. Bring 1 dollar per head for the pool, BYOB (CANS NOT BOTTLES!!!), and bring any meat and sides you want to scarf down on that day!

See you in the gloom!

Aye (With a howl after!)


5 thoughts on “I guess you could call this a….People’s Cruise?

  1. Dingo

    That was quite the read @Coyote! Good stuff! I think I enjoyed reading it more than I did running it…..

    I was wondering about you this morning, because I heard some of the guys say they weren’t going to run the full 5 miles, then the 4 of us kinda took off and when we remembered to turn around an pick guys up, we couldn’t see anyone, so I wasn’t sure if you took a different route. And @Pharoah and @Jelly were setting a solid pace! Sorry brother! But glad you persevered!!

    Great numbers at the Cruise!! 4 miles is our normal distance. We threw 5 in today as it part of the Marathon training. We will be back to 4 miles next week.

    We do need to focus on the “No man left behind” part of F3 during the cruise.

  2. Dingo

    @Pharoah, @Jelly, @Blinddate – Thanks for the push gents!! I averaged 8:38pace, which I never could have done without you! Iron Sharpens Iron!

    @Farm – Strong run even with your major jelly lube!! You are definitely getting faster!!

    @Triple Threat, @Raptor, @Draft Day, @R2D2 – great to have you guys on the cruise! Its normally a lot more fellowship centered. Keep coming back, you will never regret doing the cruise!!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice showing by all today. @Dingo and @Pharaoh killed it the last mile. I was feeling pretty good for the first four and then hit the wall. We hit those hills on Old Timber Road and I never knew a Dingo could run so fast.

    Nice BB @Coyote. It ended up being a good route.

    I think that @farm took the #jellylube award for the week.

    I don’t know if other people noticed it, but when we started, @blinddate was pulling into the parking lot. @Pharaoh took off, @Dingo got pissed and elbowed me and @coyote out of the way so he could catch @pharaoh, and then I caught both of them. Next thing we knew, @Blinddate was pulling up beside us and was ready to take off. Impressive showing brother.

  4. BlindDate

    Nice BB @Coyote. Shows a lot that you finished the entire route despite no one around. You are definitely a runner now.

    Just to clear the record so that expectations aren’t set too high, I started strong but eventually fell back from the pack. @Dingo, @Pharaoh and @Jelly were in the zone and continued to get faster and faster. I made sure to keep them in sight, but must say that they got smaller and smaller towards the end. Regardless, I’m glad that I made it in time to get the miles in.

    @Coyote – I think you should add a nice howl after saying your name in COT.

  5. The Farm

    Too bad I didn’t see this sooner. Great bb Coyote! My jellylube was not intentional. I figured everyone else had gotten back to the parking lot and I was running slower than I thought…then here come @Pharaoh. It was then that I knew I had to have missed part of the route. The best part was thinking @Pharaoh would slow down for a little 2nd F…wrong! He kept right on going past me!

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